Sport Diaper Bag

The DadGear and DaisyGear Sport bag is perfect for parents who want a smaller bag with tons of organization.  It has 9 pockets and our quick access wipes window which fits most major brands of soft pack wipes.  This bag not only gives you great organization in a small package, it also looks amazing, and with many designs for the ladies, there is something for either parent.

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  –  Love the product

I ordered this bag for my oldest son. He is expecting his first baby after years of infertility. We are so excited for him. I wish this product was available when he was a baby. I would have loved it then too.  –   jody dulaney - 10/17/2014

  –  Sport Bag - Fantastic Craftsmanship

I like quality outdoor gear, so I convinced my wife that we were ordering this diaper bag instead of a giant, inefficient, overly feminine bag from Babies "R" Us. The bag is very well designed and well built. I am quite impressed. It is great that this is made in USA too!   –   Daniel Carlson - 08/03/2014

  –  Great bag, highly recommend DadGear!

Absolutely love my bag! It's practical, not too big and very durable. The quick access wipes are very handy! As a native Coloradan I'm proud to support a local company!  –   Kate - 02/14/2014

  –  Very useful and easily organized bag!

I had a much larger, more traditional diaper bag and decided to get something new for 2 reasons. 1) My original bag was SO big, I could never find anything. It was a never ending pit. 2) I didn't find the traditional shoulder strap convenient. I carry a messenger bag for my daily purse so I wanted something along the same lines that I could throw my phone and wallet in and still feel like I normally would with my purse. I use the phone pocket for small things like sunscreen and ibuprofen and it works perfectly. I also LOVE the side zip pocket for bottles. I've already recommended the bag to many people who were like me and don't want a diaper-y diaper bag. There is one thing I don't like. The material used for the shoulder strap is fairly smooth and silky which makes it slip and adjust on its own rather easily. I think if a thicker, slightly rougher material was used (my purse uses this type of strap), it would prevent the strap from accidentally lengthening. I understand that some would think this would make it hurt your shoulder, but with clothes, the thicker material isn't bothersome. Overall a GREAT bag!   –   Ashley - 10/01/2013