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The DadGear Messenger Bag is our top-selling dad diaper bag thanks to its size, number of organization pockets, and huge array of designs to choose from. The Messenger is roomy enough to hold a day's worth of babycare essentials. Unique to the Messenger Bag is the ability to customize numerous styles by swapping the removable front flap.

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  –  Modern chic

3rd set of Dad Gear product that I am purchasing. First for myself and the other 2 for my mates. We easily convert from Dad to Businessmen in the blink of an eye.  –   Anthony - 07/01/2015

  –  AWESOME diaper bag!

First off, thank you DadGear!! This was the diaper bag I was looking for. The design is great, it has style but looks like an ordinary messenger bag. Every guy I that sees it gets jealous, and then looks at their bag with a sigh. The craftsmanship is also fantastic! This diaper bag get used everyday and still looks brand new. I have had it in use since December and it will be used with are next child, then it is going to become a video production gear bag! Everything is easy to get to, and with sides you can access without opening the whole bag, but you can still access the sides from the inside. And on top of a great bag, it's made by a great company. Really friendly, and you receive personal communication when writing them! Not to mention it's made right here in the U.S. If you are looking for a diaper bag you can be proud of, don't hesitate.   –   Aaron Zeigler - 06/14/2015

  –  love this bag!!!

the original messenger bag originally caught our attention primarily because it didn't look ANYTHING like a diaper bag! however, it works brilliantly-- for dad and for mom! the bag as a whole is very easy and convenient to use. all the pockets are generous in size (we love that the bottle/water bottle pockets are also accessible from the outside). the front zipper pockets are huge and hold more than you think they would. the inside compartment is roomy, and even when stuffed, the flap lays flat and the bag doesn't become bulky. we love too that it's so lightweight and that it's made in the USA. can't rave enough about this bag!! and we compared many, many bags-- and have several friends who also had babies recently, so we see their bags in action and nothing comes close to the ease and functionality of dad gear. our only recommendations are that the changing pad could be a bit larger and that every flap should have a zippered pocket. we have both the orange retro flap (for dad) which has the zippered pocket on the flap and the charcoal whimsy (for mom) which does not. that extra pocket is an wonderful bonus. otherwise, we recommend this bag to everyone we know! kudos dad gear!   –   christine hines - 05/08/2015

  –  2nd Dad Gear Bag

I first purchased a Dad Gear original messenger bag when my daughter was born in 2008. This was the primary bag that was used during the entire time that we needed one, and it is an incredible bag. Stylish, useful, large enough for everything we needed. I gave it to a friend when he had a baby and he loves it as well. Now that I have another child on the way, there was no doubt that I would again purchase a Dad Gear bag. This is just an excellent piece of equipment that no father of a small child should ever be without.  –   Eric Price - 05/06/2015

  –  Love this bag!!

Was so impressed with the quality of this bag. My husband absolutely loves it and since it looks like a laptop bag, he loves carrying it. The compartments are extremely convenient and its the perfect size for all of the essentials. Couldn't be more pleased with DadGear. Definitely recommend this product and this company :)  –   Missy - 03/12/2015

  –  Great for Dads

We got this as a gift for our son-in-law and he really likes it! Perfect for every Dad (and Mom)!  –   P Clark - 01/29/2015

  –  Great gift

I bought this for my son, a first-time dad to twins. He loves it!  –   Lisa Blackaby - 01/22/2015

  –  Great product

I am very pleased with the product I purchased. It was a christmas gift for my husband. He loves it and is ready for the baby to get here to use it. Ordering was very easy and the bag was shipped and delivered in a very timely manner. Very impressed and would use company again in the future!  –   Lara West - 01/22/2015

  –  Cool bag

Bought this for my brother who has tattoos and likes to be stylish and he was stoked. It's really strong and sturdy with tons of compartments and special pockets. Highly recommended.   –   Janice - 01/18/2015

  –  The perfect bag

I'm so happy I decided to get this bag. The design is incredibly thoughtful and the quality of the craftsmanship is superb. Thanks!  –   Jesse Flowers - 01/06/2015

  –  Great Gift for New Dad

I bought this bag as a Christmas gift for my son-in-law just before our first grandchild is born. This messenger style bag is perfect for his office image, classy and sturdy. Love the outside access to the baby wipes. Disappointed in the size of the changing pad, but overall a great bag.  –   Kathleen - 01/05/2015

  –  Top cool!

Looove the style & practicality of the bag. Loved it so much that we had to order our friends one as well for their baby shower!   –   Samantha - 12/28/2014

  –  Dad tested and approved

I ordered this for my husband for his outings with our twins. He loves it! The design -- both inside and out -- is perfect.   –   Nicole - 12/08/2014

  –  Outstanding quality, super practical & stylish for both men & women!!

My husband & I love this bag. The makers thought of everything. Streamlined organization, efficient space utilization, room for all necessary items without an over abundance of useless compartments or fashion features that don't add to utility. We love that it's made in the USA! Great customer service, prompt delivery. Love it! And we looked at MANY. Best combo of form & function!   –   Adriana - 12/04/2014

  –  Coolest Diaper bag EVAR!!!

Got the messenger bag & an extra flap for my husband as a pre-baby gift. He thinks it's the coolest thing he has ever seen and so does every other guy he has shown it off to! There was no way he was going to carry the purse style one I had gotten for myself, so this way he can still feel cool but have everything he is going to need on hand. Highly recommend these bags!! Thanks!  –   Erin - 10/06/2014

  –  What guys need

Incredibly functional, practical, and with a modern masculine design.  –   Jon - 10/05/2014

  –  Quality

I am very happy with my purchase. The messenger bag is a quality product and we use it every time we leave the house.   –   Alex - 09/27/2014

  –  Great bag/concept, missing small detail

This bag is awesome. I love the compartmentalizations, ruggedness, design and innovations. I only have one small complaint that affects me every time I open the bag. The wipes "window" was one of the big sellin points for me when shopping do a diaper bag. The Velcro strap that holds the wipes in place does not have any support on the bottom to keep the wipes from sliding out and ending up in the bottom of my bag. This takes the window from a great idea to just a hole in the front of my bag. Other than that I love it.   –   Ryan Barnett - 09/20/2014

  –  Daddy LOVES his diaper bag!

I was so pleased with the quality, comfort and look of the messenger bag that we ordered for my awesome stay at home Dad/Honey-Man. The graphics look great and the velcro to switch out the flaps is super strong. My guy is a big dude and the adjustable strap is comfortable for both of us to even cross carry. He loves the bag and get lots of "wows" from other dads. Favorite feature by far is the little front window for easy diaper wipe retrieval. Thanks for filling a need and providing a diaper bag that doesn't tarnish the "man card"!  –   Carlye Lucey - 09/18/2014

  –  Great product, highly recommended

We received our Original Messenger diaper bag about two months ago and we LOVE it! It is highly functional and fits all our baby supplies neatly and efficiently. We also love that it doesn't scream "diaper bag" and we were able to buy it in just plain black - it's surprisingly hard to find a decent, subtle, unisex diaper bag! Only change I would make is we won't be swapping out the front flap, so we would rather just have that flap sewn on rather than attached with velcro, but that being said we haven't had any problems with it coming detached, so it's not a problem. Overall, great product!  –   AGibson - 09/13/2014

  –  Very pleased with the quality.

The title pretty much says it all. I was very pleased with the overall quality and practicality of the bag. My wife is due in a week so soon I'll be putting it to the real test.  –   Eric Miller - 08/10/2014

  –  awesome

very fast delivery and item is very well made  –   kathy - 07/30/2014

  –  Genius

Absolute genius. I got this bag about two months ago after my baby girl arrived. After navigating the bland and absurd world that is today's baby market... I found dadgear.com and found this messenger bag. It was really great in design and function. We got the bag so fast. The bag itself is amazing. My wife loves it. it holds everything we need for not only our 2 month old but for our four year old as well. If you are thinking about getting this bag. I encourage you to do it! This is easily the best purchase I have made in a very long time  –   Rob - 07/25/2014

  –  messenger bag

Im a nurse and work weekends and strange hours, leaving my husband to take care of our daughter by himself when he's home. My husband loves this bag! And I must admit that I'm thinking about sharing it with him as I haven't found a woman's diaper bag that makes as much functional sense as the dad gear messenger bag.  –   megan - 07/18/2014

  –  Great Dad Diaper Bag!!!

I bought the original messenger diaper bag as a gift for my husband who is also a first time dad. He loved the comfort and style of the messenger bag without looking like a women's diaper bag. I recommend this for any dad.   –   Jessica - 05/21/2014

  –  Great products, USA made!

I have purchased several DadGear bags over the past couple of years for friends and family with kids. I purchased my first one almost three years ago and loved it so much, I had to get them for others. They sell great products that are designed with a lot if thought, they look great, and best of all they are made in the USA. The customer service from the company is also top notch! They are prompt with responses to questions, and seem to genuinely care for their customers. I can't say enough good things about DadGear!   –   Nick - 05/16/2014

  –  Best Dad Bag

I bought this bag for my husband and it's the perfect dad bag compared to my diaper bag and he actually enjoys carrying it around! We love the color and best of all, it's made in the USA, wa hoo! Love this bag!  –   Megan Sullivan - 04/04/2014

  –  Must have for dads.

Completely love this bag. Most practical thing I've purchased for parenthood so far. I can take out my twins and not only feel confident I have everything I need for the outing, I also don't feel insecure about carrying everything in something ugly or designed for women.. Dadgear is a godsend to dads.  –   Steve - 03/22/2014

  –  Great product

Bought one for my husband who is a stay at home dad who also homeschools. Thus bag is great for hauling all the baby stuff as well as school stuff. We love the wipes window!   –   Cyrena - 03/04/2014

  –  Dad Gear Beats out Mamma's Designer Bag

My wife and i have a four and half month old daughter. My wife told me i should get my own diaper bag which i was against until i saw what she brought home. Her yellow designer bag was just not going to be on my shoulder at the Broncos game so i purchased a bag from dad gear. This thing has tons of pockets, easy to organize, well thought out product. I can find everything i need with opening the bag and get the job done. In the last four months, my wife has quit using her designer bag and all that is used is the awesome dad gear bag. Works great, looks fun, and is very practical in addition to being a good value.   –   Jason Golden - 12/10/2013

  –  the Ultimate Diaper Bag!

I am a father of a 14 month old baby and I needed a diaper bag but not a "mommy" diaper bag. I wanted something that looked good but had to have easy access. My DadGear Original Messenger looks great and is a fully functional utility. The flap makes for easy access as do the cleverly placed zipper pockets where I keep all my diaper changing essentials. The bag is tough and just the right size for everything I need when my boy and I have a day out together. Also I get compliments on the look of it from time to time. Compliments...for a diaper bag..awesome. This bag was well worth everything I paid for it.   –   Charles Finley - 10/10/2013

  –  Greatest Man Bag Ever

I bought this as an office gift to a first time dad in our office. I bought an extra front flap as this first time dad is a swag dresser. He loved it! Fit his manly ways and had a place for everything that will be needed. Very nicely made and compartments for just about everything needed. I would highly recommend this for anyone dad out there! Awesome product - the price is great as well!  –   Glenda Sutherland - 10/03/2013

  –  For the stay home dad

I am Currently 38 weeks pregnant so we haven't really begun to use the diaper bag. We did pack the babies items in it for the hospital. My husband will be staying home with our daughter when she's born and I go back to work. I told him to pick out a diaper bag he liked or I was picking the Pinkest one I could find. He got right on top of picking a "manly bag" For as much as the bag is geared for men, I really like the quality and style of the bag as a woman. You can tell there was a thought process when designing the bag. So far it's great!! Thanks again.   –   Jessica S-W - 09/22/2013

  –  Wish it were mine

I purchased the messenger bag and an additional flap for my brother & sister-in-law and it's awesome. Very well made, plenty of room, and extremely good looking. They absolutely loved it and can't wait to use it with their little one. I will definitely be buying on for myself when the time comes.  –   Christy M - 09/21/2013

  –  Good product

Overall, I was very pleased with this product. Good construction and durable stitching.  –   Kiel B - 09/20/2013

  –  Best bag ever

Have had my dad gear bag for 4 years now and it is still as good as the day my dad bought it for me. I use it everyday whether I have the kids or not! Love this bag and recommend it to everyone!  –   Jonathan E - 09/10/2013

  –  great quality item

I bought this for my son. Baby is due in September so bag has not yet been used. (My son thought it was a briefcase! Ha!) I was very impressed with the quality and the thoughtful design. I expect the bag to be easy to use and to hold up for a long time. (Since I have given the bag to my son I'm nor sure it's the "original messenger.")  –   sandra b - 08/02/2013

  –  Great look and quality!

Very happy with this bag, looks awesome and my wife loves it to, if she approves then it must be good. Keep up the good work!  –   Tommy O - 07/23/2013

  –  Finally

As a stay at home dad, you learn very quickly that the world of babies is geared to wee ones and mommies. Thanks DadGear for looking out for the all the dads out there raising kids. First, its great not to be wearing a purse around with your kid, and second, the accesibilty of the wipes container is pure genius. Even when I lebd someone a wipe for their kid they are amazed at the ease of this feature and shocked that nobody else thought of it. We have given the messenger to several friends now and they all just rave as well. Keep up the good work.  –   Nick Padow - 06/20/2013

  –  Awesome

This bag has been great. My little guy will be 3 next month and its still going strong. No signs of breaking down at all. Its deceptively big inside and has been able to carry diapers, blanket, change of clothes, and few small toys all at the same time. Being able to access everything without taking it off your shoulder is huge!  –   Sean - 03/28/2013

  –  Great Bag

I have been using this bag (Messenger Diaper Bag) for 3 years now with my first daughter and with another on the way it shows no sign of wearing out so it will see many more years of service as well. I told my wife if I had to carry the diaper bag then it had to be something I liked. Bingo!   –   Justin - 07/05/2012

  –  2 years and no problems

This bag has taken a beating! My daughter is just over 2 years old and this bag has been with us from when we left the hospital to just this past weekends trip to the aquarium. It's been over stuffed, dropped, splattered with every baby food you could think of and we've never had a problem with it.   –   Luca - 06/04/2012

  –  Love my bag!

This is the best diaper bag! I can fit so much in it. It is the best bag for traveling as well.  –   Jodi - 02/01/2012

  –  Love your stuff

I want the billboard backpack # 133. Your bags are designed great!  –   Andy - 01/28/2012

  –  Great bag

This bag is great for dads on the go with baby. There are several compartments which make for easy access to baby essentials. The design is cool and can be used for other purposes beyond baby.   –   JM - 01/15/2012

  –  Sturdy

I received the messenger bag for my newborn son. I have spent some time playing with the messenger bag, and was eager to let you guys know my inexpert review. I will start by saying that I have gone through an average of one knapsack a year simply through wear and tear. I do not think I am overly hard on them, but they simply wear out faster than greased lightning. A few years ago I got a 5.11 Tactical knapsack, the 12-Hour bag. It is tough as nails, and I have every confidence it will last me at least a decade. As of this evening it still looks as good as it did the day I slid it out of its plastic bag. Your messenger bag seems to be in the same league as the 5.11 bag I have. The nylon sidewalls feel heavy and sturdy, and although the zippers aren't YKK they feel heavy enough (at least the tabs are the same size as the ones on my Carhartt jacket) and don't feel as though they will break if I look at them wrong. I am very impressed with the tear-away-and-replace front flap. I was nervous at first about the velcro strip, but it is nearly invisible when looked at from any direction other than the back. It is some serious velcro, it feels almost like the automotive-grade stuff that NASCAR mechanics use. A few of my friends are working on their second or third kid, and one of them at least I think was using a cargo jacket as his diaper "bag". I will definitely let him know about you guys, since this second kid is a daughter and I think he's getting nervous about the status of his Man Card. Your heavy-duty and decidedly manly bags should help reaffirm his faith in his masculinity.  –   Matt - 12/27/2011

  –  Satisfied Customer

Thank you for my awesome Dad Diaper Bag, first one EVER. Who would have thought that a diaper bag would help a Dad look cool, not me! But I am stoked to sport this thing. My wife would not allow me to carry my hunting pack as my bag, so this is the next best thing. DadGear Rules! Thank you again for this gift to us first time Dad's...  –   Robby B. - 12/20/2011

  –  great product

I just wanted you to know that I went to a baby shower last Saturday. The dad loved his Dadgear Rock and Roll messenger bag stuffed with Rockabye Baby CD's and Daddy-themed onesies. Thanks again for making such a great product. I will be ordering another bag soon.   –   Ann H - 09/24/2011

  –  brilliant

I ordered 2 of your bags for 2 males who are having babies this Fall. We filled them with all kinds of baby items and showed them how to use and access everything, along with making them watch the video! They were amazed and basically had no idea how to do anything so this was a huge help for them since they are both first time Dad's. They really loved the bags especially the flap designs. They were the perfect gift at the perfect tme and they were very appreciative. I think your bags are fantastic especially the ability to hang them off a stroller....BRILLIANT! Access to the baby wipes and bottles from the outside...BRILLIANT yet again!  –   Heather N. - 09/02/2011

  –  everyone loves my dadgear bag!

Everyone loves my dadgear bag! I have two close friends who I hope follow my lead and shop at your store. My son is almost two weeks old now so the more I get out the more my dad bag gets noticed! Have a great weekend!  –   jim A - 07/15/2011

  –  We get tons of compliments

The bag is totally awesome. We get tons of compliments. My husband is the primary caregiver of our kids. We have a 7 year old and just adopted a newborn. He researched bags and chose yours hands down. I love his bag more than my Storksak--I'm not kidding. It's so organized and easy to use. Nothing slides around--everything stays in its compartment. The one thing I would say is slightly annoying is the velcro on the back of the front flap that attches to the main part of the bag.   –   Liz B - 06/11/2011

  –  No, I'll take my own

The husband who received the Rock and roll bag really liked it and is using it. His wife told me that she handed her already filled diaper bag when taking their son somewhere. He said "No, I'll take my own."  –   Ann H. - 06/09/2011

  –  creates a stir

It is time for another baby shower, so I am ordering my ususal gift--a messenger bag for the dad. The dad seems to be the forgotten person at a baby shower. The Dadgear bags always create a stir at the showers.   –   Ann H. - 03/20/2011

  –  Still take it everywhere

Bought my first dadgear messenger bag nearly 2 years ago, as a gift to my husband, right before our son was born. We still take it everywhere with us.  –   Thuy C. - 02/04/2011

  –  couldn't be happier

Your staff was phenomenal in finding me the right billboard style that would fit my style. I couldn't be happier with the bag. It works great for me. I carry it every day. It is super comfortable. Everything is accessible easily and has enough room for everything I need.   –   David L. - 10/07/2010

  –  Awesome Bag

Awesome bag. I love it. It's cool, and it's far more functional than a useless designer bag that most women have and force upon their husbands.  –   Derek D. - 04/19/2010

  –  Fabulous!

Fabulous! Outstanding quality and customer service. I ordered the messenger bag for a baby shower. Why should the mom get all the presents?  –   Ann H. - 03/25/2010

  –  Really satisfied with the quality

I was looking for a good diaper bag and found you guys online. Really satisfied with the quality of the bag, and the service your company provided. Ordering was simple, and all of my friends (who are also dad's) think the bag is awesome. Now I can take my son outside in style.  –   Matthew K. - 02/20/2010

  –  met all his needs

My husband twittered about the bag the day he got it, and has been advocating it to all who will listen. He loves the fact that there was a diaper bag out there that said 'men are prents too' and that it met all his needs.  –   Lisette D. - 01/31/2010

  –  psyched

I bought one of your diaper bags as a Christmas gift for my husband. He was mortified at the thought of toting around the diaper bags we were seeing in stores. I actually read an article about DadGear awhile back and went online to see what you had. I loved everything and my husband is pretty psyched that he can look like a guy and still have a baby.  –   Nina - 01/28/2010

  –  Perfect Size

I really enjoy it. It's the perfect size, and the wipe holder is great. It works great and I show it off to everyone. I have many friends having babies, so I spread the word about your siteā€¦  –   Ryan S. - 01/03/2010

  –  Such a great product

I enjoy my DadGear messenger bag. I try to show it to whomever I see with babies. I really like how the inside is so durable. My main reason for buying was definitely the wipes container and accessibilty. People are really impressed by it as well. Thank you for sucha great product. Continue the good work!   –   Jaimie W. - 11/03/2009

  –  Not too bulky

The bag is awesome and surprisingly light despit the design. The material it is made with is soft and light. Size-wise it's nice. Not too bulky. The only possible drawback is the wipes container doesn't seem to be 100% air tight.  –   AA - 08/19/2009