Backpack Diaper Bag

If ample storage space and extreme organization are what you're after, look no further than the DadGear Backpack. DadGear's largest diaper bag, the Backpack is ideal for traveling and for families with multiple kids. The Backpack continually receives accolades for its roomy size, thoughtful organization, and innovative features. It can hold enough gear for 3 days if in the diapering stage, and up to a week once the kids are out of diapers.

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  –  Awesome bag!

We were looking for a bag made in America and came across this product. We watched the video on the site and were sold. We received our bag very quickly and it was just as the video had showed. It is well made, full of useful compartments, and thoughtfully designed. It is comfortable to wear and looks nice. Our only wish is that it had an insulated pocket to hold bottles.   –   Haley - 06/28/2015

  –  Grab-n-go!

I was so excited to find a bag that was just like my crew bag when I was in the military--you hit and run and you know exactly where everything is. I really appreciate the quality of materials and the feel of the bag--sturdy, and well proportioned. It's easy to find the essentials and big enough to bring along those "just in case he needs them" items. Well done guys!!  –   Brad - 06/16/2015

  –  Wish we would have found sooner!

Absolutely love the diaper back pack! We knew we wanted to go with a backpack style, and this one has amazing features. My husband found it first, and he is from Colorado so is even more happy to purchase from a Colorado company. So easy to carry and has so many pockets that I don't need to carry my purse when I have it by myself. My husband of course loves it because it is more masculine than a traditional diaper bag. He liked all the styles and prints. It was hard to pick just one! 100% recommended this product to friends and family! In fact several of my coworkers at my gym are ordering them as well!   –   Michelle Lucero - 06/12/2015

  –  Baby bugout bag

The bag holds everything you need for you little one long with having extra space for snacks and water for a recovering breastfeeding mom. Pockets and compartments keep all items easily acessable and organized. Overall a high quality, high value American Made product.  –   Colin - 06/09/2015

  –  Great Gift for the new Dad!

My son-in-law loves this. He carries it around with pride without feeling funny caring a "ladies" diaper bag. Thank you.  –   Theresa Hynes - 06/08/2015

  –  Roomy and comfortable

This bag has room to hold everything, and is engineered to be convenient. Everything is so well laid out, I never wind up going digging for something. My only criticism, and it is minor, is that the rubberized plastic front panel looks kind of inexpensive.  –   Rick A. - 06/03/2015

  –  Not great quality and tight space

Already had a really cool DadGear messenger diaper bag, decided to get the backpack for commuting with my son. While the features of the bag are cool, the quality of the bag is not that great. Also, space is tight in the main compartment, no room for my small laptop and limited room for the baby's iPad. If I had the option again, would probably buy a different backpack diaper for commuting. Stick to the messenger bag, great quality and awesome themes. We have a bad-ass skull theme for our bag. :)  –   Jaime Nieves - 05/22/2015

  –  Room for everything

I purchased this backpack after my wife went and bought her diaper bag of choice. This is our first kid so this is all new to us. I have always carried around a backpack at school and now at work it is the norm for me. So when I found this product I was extremely happy. I have been able to jam pack it each time with everything I want to carry with room to spare. Again first time parent so I carry extras of just about everything I can think of from bottles to ointment to onesies.I carry an umbrella on the side pocket water bottle for myself I fill er up each time I go out. The diaper compartment along with the wipey flap are awesome. My wife laughed at me when I purchased my backpack. Now I catch her taking my backpack with her when she knows she will be out with our little one for an extended period of time. The material is very sturdy so I have no fear of it tearing on me. I have no complaints about this product.   –   Emanuel - 05/20/2015

  –  nice and big with lots of compartments

we searched for a decent sized backpack style diaper bag. they were all too small. we were happy to come across dadgear and find this bag. it also seems more well made than all of the other backpack diaper bags. its has lots of pockets and compartments, which is why we didn't just get a regular backpack. one addition I would make to the design (which I have not seen on any diaper backpacks) would be clips on the shoulder straps for quick release. with kids you never know why or when you will need to get a pack off in a hurry. would be especially helpful when carrying a little one in a baby carrier and arm movements are often strategically planned.  –   sarah - 05/14/2015

  –  comfortable and practical

Love this pattern. The whole backpack is organized to be helpful and resourceful, and it fits my husband's and my needs perfectly. Thank you for making such a great product, and making it here in the USA!  –   Aubrey Ellig - 05/03/2015

  –  Great looking product

This backpack is very cool...and especially well made. As a mother and grandmother, it looks like it would have everything I would ever need to take baby wherever we need to go. I have to admit, though, I have not used it. I got the backpack in camo, had the last name embroidered on it, and am giving it to an airforce dad for his first baby I bet you anything he will LOVE it.  –   Lori Lane - 04/27/2015

  –  Dad Gear for Mom

I use the backpack on a daily basis instead of a traditional diaper bag and overall it works well for us. My only complaint is that the velcro front flap where you get the wipes is SO LOUD and very hard to get open with one hand so they use some super heavy duty velcro which in reality is a very good thing and is only a minor inconvenience. I would also have liked for the side bottle pockets to be insulated to keep the bottles hot or cold but other than that, this thing does the trick.  –   Danita - 04/23/2015

  –  Love this bag

I bought this for my husband so he didn't have to carry around my "girlie" diaper bag and now I use it too. It is so convenient love all the compartments and the quick access wipes. So nice to have two hands free too!  –   Annie - 04/23/2015

  –  Best Diaper bag!!

I had researched different diaper backpacks. I ordered one from Carter's. It was okay. But once I found DadGear, I HAD to buy the pistachio designed backpack!! The compartments are the best for easy use. Especially the diaper compartment! I don't have to dig for diapers anymore. Woohoo!! I have recommended the DadGear to so many people and would recommend it to anyone!!! Also, the best thing is when you're trying to get your child out of the car, carrying the car seat or even tryin to get your baby in the stroller. The bag doesn't constantly fall off like the one shoulders would! Believe it or not, saves time! Those couple minutes do count!!  –   Brea - 04/07/2015

  –  Great bag!

Back functions very well for my for I wish I would have known sooner that this bag existed. Only thing I wish could be added would be an insulated bottle pocket. Still a five star bag, I have been telling everyone I know about this bag.  –   Tony - 03/24/2015

  –  Dadgear backpack

I have had the backpack for a few months and it has lots of great features. First,a backpack style I find is the only way to go. I need all my hands and arms free with 2 kids. The design hooks to strap on a stroller is probably my most used and my favorite feature. You don't want to carry the bag all the time so having the option to hang it is great and it distributes the weight evenly. I also enjoy the wipe dispenser. It's difficult sometimes to get the wipe out but not digging through the bag is very helpfull. Another feature that just be mentioned is the seperate diaper pocket. Always very accessible!! There are many excellent features in this backpack and I'd recommend to anyone. Completely worth the money!! The only thing I'll mention is I wish there were mesh pockets inside the main portion of the bag, that way you didn't have to dig down to the bottom of the bag when in an upright position. Otherwise excellent, excellent bag!!   –   Amanda - 03/21/2015

  –  Great Great Great!

LOVE this backpack! Easy for the "on the move" parent! I would suggest getting the wipe case. Will definitely suggest this company to other parents!   –   Chloe C. - 03/10/2015

  –  Awesome

Let me just start by saying I am a first time Dad. This backpack is so convenient. Absolutely, Love the extra storage. Everything is well thought out and sturdy.  –   John Haley - 02/26/2015

  –  Awesome!

My husband and I each got a diaper bag and we love them.  –   Heather Del Chiaro - 01/26/2015

  –  Great gift!

Very easy to carry, looks good, sturdy, functional. Was a great gift and using it daily!   –   Will - 01/24/2015

  –  Excellent

I really didn't think I needed this product (my wife bought this for me as a present). I could not have been more wrong. This backpack is far more handy to carry around than a traditional diaper bag, holds the baby stuff we need to carry, my prescriptions, my ipad and charging cables - even allow me to carry bottles in the side pockets. We like it so much, my wife hasn't even touched her expensive twin diaper bag. The backpack carries all we need. I could not be happier with this product!  –   Brian L - 01/15/2015

  –  Perfect! Lots Of Storage

This is a great backpack for Dads who like to be organized and prepared. I took it to the hospital for our first birth loaded with clothes, baby blankets, juice boxes, charging cables for our devices, a power strip, snacks, chapstick, and lots of other stuff. I love bringing this whenever we take our newborn out of the house. I'm thinking of adding colored label tags to the zippers so Mom knows where to look when she needs something quick.  –   Gabrien Symons - 01/05/2015

  –  Love it

My husband wanted a "special" diaper bag all of his own and he insisted on having a backpack. I, of course, went with my own conventional style, over the shoulder diaper bag for me. After 17 months now, I have completely abandoned my diaper bag and only use the backpack we purchased from Dad Gear. It is SO much bigger! I can fit tons of diapers, wipes, ointments, water bottle, baby bottle, food cups, a couple changes of clothes, bibs, blankets, toys and more and I never have trouble finding what I am looking for. My only complaint was that the plastic wipe holder it came with didn't seal properly so the wipes would dry out quickly. My solution was to simply remove it and put a store bought package of wipes in its place. Problem solved. We just purchased another back pack to give as a shower gift!!  –   Amy - 01/04/2015

  –  Great bag

My wife and I spent long time looking and thinking about what we wanted out of a diaper bag. We decided the back pack is what we wanted. It's nice and big. At the same time if you want to carry this with you everywhere it's big so keep that in mind. This is out travel diaper bag now and we have a small purse looking for quick trips to the store. I love the pockets and it meets all out needs.   –   Scott Davis - 01/01/2015

  –  Awesome diaper bag for both dads and moms

Although it's a bit expensive it is worth the price because it keeps all of baby's gear organized. We enjoy the backpack style vs over the shoulder type of bags because it is better for our posture and trying to keep balance while juggling the little one. I'd recommend this product for all the on the go dads and moms  –   shauna - 11/26/2014

  –  Love this product!

My wife got me the backpack diaper bag so I had a "manly" way to cary diapers and other baby must haves and I love it. It has plenty of room to bring tons of stuff for the ride and it is comfortable and convenient. I would reccomend this product to anyone.  –   - 11/14/2014


I cannot say enough good things about this diaper bag. After trying all the rest, we've finally come to an (almost) happy place. We love that the backpack is lightweight and durable. Love all the compartments too. We got the black with gray plaid and love the look of it. So comfortable to tote around in 100 degree weather around disneyland. The changing pad that came with it is way too flimsy / small for our now 2-year old, so we don't even bother using it. The ONLY thing on my wishlist for this bag is insulated bottle holsters. I wish these were insulated! I would pay the extra money for that and I'm sure a lot of other parents would too. Please consider that if you ever do a redesign.  –   Nina - 11/10/2014

  –  Perfect for Mom's and Dad's

I originally purchased this backpack for my husband as the one we had was too girlie for him, but now I use it as my everyday diaper bag. We live in the mountains and this bag suits our active lifestyle perfectly. The features are unsurpassed by any other diaper bag I've found on the market. The quality of the bag is well worth the price. I would definitely recommend this product. As a side note, my mother is going to be ordering one of these bags for a carry on for when she travels. She's impressed with all of the pockets and thinks it will be the perfect bag to keep her organized on all her travels.   –   Lisa - 11/07/2014

  –  love this thing

Ive been using this bag for a month now and it's been great. The backpack style makes life so much easier and I love that it looks like a regular manly backpack. My wife has actually preferred using it over her messenger style diaper bag. It doesn't feel exactly like the quality of a north face or other high end back pack but it does feel solid and the well thought out compartments make it so much better than using a regular backpack. I strongly recommend this bag to anyone with small children especially infants.  –   tim - 11/06/2014

  –  Very convenient bag

I'm a dad of twin eleven month old boys. The bag is big enough to carry enough diapers, bottles, toys, extra clothes and food for both of them. I use the bag everyday. It is very durable and a good product.  –   Claude - 11/02/2014

  –  Shanghai Adventure

I ordered the Dad Gear backpack diaper bag because I was moving to Shanghai, China with my two small children, ages 2 and 4. It turned out to be the best decision I ever made. For the 16 hour plane ride alone, it was a lifesaver. I purchased the stainless steal water bottle and kept milk in it for my children. This kept me from having to nag the flight attendants every couple of hours. The backpack can hold a tremendous amount of snacks, extra clothes and toys. All things I needed on the plane. My favorite feature is the wipe dispenser. Very cool. Now that we are in Shanghai, it's been nice to have both hands free to wrangle my children on the busy streets and sidewalks (there's not really a big distinction between the two here). Finally, I would say this backpack is not just for dads. I am a mom and I love it!  –   Tristan Harper - 10/25/2014

  –  Great product

This diaper bag backpack is one of the most amazing designed diaper bags I've ever seen there's a pocket for everything that you would need easy access design very well dad's no one will know that you're carrying around a diaper bag  –   Jezi - 10/25/2014

  –  Great Bag

The Backpack Diaper bag and Jacket were shipped swiftly. My husband loves them. Wish I could have got him a medium, but they only had larges at the time.  –   T. Masten - 10/15/2014

  –  Love the space and ease of carrying it!

My husband and I love the backpack diaper bag. It has so many different compartments that keep everything organized. Also when u are trying to carry the car seat the backpack never gets in your makes going places easy!  –   melissa - 10/05/2014

  –  Perfect for Dad and Mom

My husband really wanted me to get a backpack style diaper bag for ease of carry and plain style for when he was on duty. This product met those requirements but is so much more! I love the many zippered pockets and easy access wipes dispenser. Word to the wise: we use Kirkland brand wipes from Costco and the whole package fits in the pocket dispenser! I bought the extra wipes piece by dadgear but it was unnecessary due to this fact. We recently traveled for the weekend with our 6 week old and all her necessary goods fit in this backpack. It is very well made and very comfortable to wear. I would never want a purse style diaper bag - with all the junk we haul around it's very nice to have the weight evenly distributed on both shoulders. I also really like supporting U.S. companies.  –   Kari - 09/27/2014

  –  Awesome Diaper Bag

I am glad that I found a diaper bag that was not the typical "girly style". After placing the order the bag was delivered promptly. Being six foot three one of the worries I had was it fitting my tall frame. After using the bag I am glad that I made the purchase. The straps could be a bit longer but the backpack diaper bag is comfortable and I would recommend it to any dad. This would also be a great gift for a soon to be dad.  –   Cody Williams - 09/24/2014

  –  Awesome!

I was looking for a diaper bag that was practical and that my husband wouldn't mind wearing. This bag is awesome!! He won't wear a regular backpack because he thinks they are uncomfortable but he loves this one!!! Even though it is bulky, the weight is distributed evenly so it doesn't feel too heavy to wear for extended periods. There is tons of space and multiple pockets to keep everything organized. The only thing I would want that this bag doesn't have is a compartment that is insulated. Great quality!  –   Shannon Zarnoski - 09/15/2014

  –  Excellent bag

Bag has everything you could need storage wise and is easy to carry. Also nice looking.  –   Ryan - 09/13/2014

  –  diaper backpack

We love our backpack. What really sold me was the access to the wipes on the front. There are so many pockets to keep things separated and organized. Even a spot for cold bottles or drinks. I haven't attached it to our stroller yet but I do like that feature. Although the sticker price was high and I had to really think about getting it, All in all I'm happy and It's been working out great for our two kids. The quality is good and it's made in the USA you can't beat that!  –   Steph - 09/11/2014

  –  many pockets for maximum versatility!

Have really been enjoying this backpack. Light and comfortable means less stress for those day trips! Many pockets make organization of all the various items a baby and parents may need a breeze. Holds plenty of diapers so less restocking compared to other bags. and the wipes storage is a time saver for sure. It meets every functional need that I have and looks awesome. I use it almost daily and has been holding up great. Cleans up easily and the design makes it easy for quick on the go changes!! Really content with my purchase and would definitely recommend to any father who's out with their baby alot.   –   Joshua - 09/09/2014

  –  great shower gift for dad

Well thought out diaper bag with all the essential pockets while looking manly for the Dad   –   Donna - 09/07/2014

  –  great product

I bought my husband the diaper backpack for his birthday because he was tired of lugging around a diaper bag/purse. We now both use the backpack since it's more organized and a lot easier to carry around.  –   Beth Magee - 08/27/2014

  –  excellent idea

I love how much space is in the bag. I can put my baby's clothes and more of his essentials. I really love that is not a girly diaper bag.   –   Abel salazar - 08/26/2014

  –  Diaper Duty Dad

As a father of 3, I can really appreciate the style and craftsmanship that went into my diaper bag. I'm constantly complimented on it wherever I go. Not only does it look awesome, but its extremely practical and functional. I literally have zero complaints about this bag, and the fact that its made in the U.S.A., made it a no-brainer for me to purchase.  –   Junior - 08/04/2014

  –  Perfect bag for Dads on the Go!

I bought this for my husband for Father's Day before our baby arrived, and he was thrilled. He'd been talking about this backpack since early in my pregnancy, but also talked about buying another Timbuk2 messenger bag (which he currently uses for work/personal stuff). Knowing that my husband LOVES a good backpack, he was excited and has been raving about how functional it is. His favorite features are the "quick-draw" wipes pouch and the insulated drink holders. His only recommendation for change would be to add more pockets on the large interior of the backpack, but that's really more of a minor concern. Although we haven't been using the backpack for long, the bag is extremely durable, flexible and comfortable to wear (for both men and women). Though the price point isn't the cheapest, you get what you pay for and this bag is worth every cent!  –   Kari - 07/30/2014

  –  Best bag ever!

I purchased this bag as my "last" diaper bag. I have a four year old and year old twins. We are out of diapers, but we use this as our go everywhere bag. The wipes access alone is reason enough to purchase this bag. It holds everything we need for our three kids without being too bulky. The only thing I wish it had was a fully lined insulated compartment. Other than that, I can not say enough good things about this bag.   –   Andrea - 07/28/2014

  –  dad gear diaper bag

whenever I need a gift for a baby shower, I always choose this bag. it comes in many diff colors and designs and because it is a back pack, it's pretty unisex and the dad's love to use it too. everytime I've given this, the response is incredible...people love it! and I usually will stuff if with other baby items; it's a super gift!  –   amy - 07/26/2014

  –  Backpack diaper bag

I can't express how much I love my DadGear diaper bag. I had two previous diaper bags before this one - the first one was a back pack model but broke after about six months. The second I got was a messanger style bag, but lacked space and was awkward to carry when toting a baby around. The DadGear diaper bag has solved all the problems with my previous two bags. It has more space than I could have ever imagined (and I've been known to cram our bags full of EVERYTHING!) and is comfortable to carry around while toting small kids. I love this product and only wish I had known about it when my first baby was born!   –   Shannon - 07/16/2014

  –  Finally a diaper backpack

Love the new backpack. The waterproof pockets make it easy to clean and the pockets are well designed and useful. The only issue that i have had is hanging it on the stroller. The double hooks are strong and work well it is just time consuming when you got two kids waiting. A nice carabiniere hook or something quick would be great but maybe not cost effective. So nice to finally have a backpack instead of those messenger bags though. Thanks  –   Duane - 07/08/2014

  –  Sherpa time!

Been using the backpack for only 2 weeks and I couldn't be happier! Tons of storage space, and a number of super handy pockets and features to boot. Looks great as well! Only change would be on the zippers. They are a little loud banging together when you move. Super sturdy though. Thanks DadGear - looking forward to many more years with my backpack!  –   Brad B - 07/07/2014

  –  The Hubs loves the backpack!

I gave my husband the backpack diaper bag. All the compartments are terrific! Very cool to have it open to be it's own changing station.  –   liz - 07/03/2014

  –  Awesome

This is the best diaper bag on the market the wipes are so easy to access and refill great for moms and dads strong and sturdy. The customer service is exceptional.  –   Sarah - 06/30/2014

  –  Awesome bag

Great product it has everything you really need for a diaper bag. It's very functional and has perfect pockets for organization, and I love that the bag unzips and folds flat his a great feature so you can have easy access to every thing. Overall two thumbs up!!  –   Andrew - 06/25/2014

  –  Great Father's Day Gift!

Bought the backpack for my husband for Father's Day. He takes it everywhere. Perfect for our two girls under two  –   Marina Parsons - 06/21/2014

  –  Awesome diaper back pack

I can't say enough how efficient my new "dad bag" (as I like to call it) has been for me and my family. It's very conveniant and has plenty of storage for everything. My wife would even agree that this bag world better than her bulky diaper bag. Delivery was also fast and I was also treated to a follow up email making sure everything iwent well.   –   Jeremy S - 06/20/2014

  –  More then a 'Diaper bag'

I got this for my Husbands' birthday and he loves it! He uses it every single day! He keeps pull-ups AND diapers as well as arm&hammer diaper bags in the top and his wallet, keys and tums etc. in the front pocket and he was just saying how he loves the insulated side drink pockets because when he grabs a cold drink from home on his way out the door it's still cold when he remembers it's there 4 hours later, or all the room for all his papers, office mail, Tablet and MacBook (not too mention how often he throws his backpack on the floor or his car and nothing ever breaks because of the inner awesome marshmallow like padding) and all the baby essentials in the other pockets, there's always still somehow more room left! When he does do daddy grocery day for busy mommy, he loves the stroller attachments; he uses them on the grocery cart, too give his back a rest! I origannly got this for him because he dreaded carrying our very girly diaper bag around and I was tired of the excuse "you grab the bag and I'll get everything else" and instead it ended up turning into his new favorite accessory to his everyday wardrobe and I couldn't be happier with my purchase!!  –   Heather - 06/19/2014

  –  Excellent product, even better customer service

As a first time father I purchased a backpack diaper bag. UPS lost my package and after a 5 min conversation with DadGear customer service I had a new backpack on the way, with an apology even though they shared no blame. They couldn't have been more helpful or accommodating, and I had my new backpack in a couple of days. The backpack is made of very high quality material and the wipes pouch is a lifesaver! There is more than enough room for a long journey away from home and the different compartments for bottles, changing pad, diapers etc make life much easier. I am very happy with my purchase and will recommend to all of my friends.   –   Tyler - 06/05/2014

  –  Great for multiple children

We researched several diaper bags while expecting our second child. We wanted something larger that would keep the childrens' necessities more organized. I looked into DadGear while searching for something American made. We have been very happy with the purchase. The several compartments do make it easy to separate and keep clothes, bottles, diapers, etc... organized. I also like the convenience of the wipes pocket - very easily accessible!  –   Catherine - 05/20/2014

  –  Great for the on the go mom

Love my charcoal whimsy backpack diaper bag. These bags just make sense! Most backpack diaper bags are to small or to girly in my opinion. This has just enough touch to be feminine and super practical. I bought and returned several backpack diaper bags before I came across DadGear!   –   Austyn - 05/14/2014

  –  Wonderful!

This baby bag is the best bag for someone who is always on the go! Been traveling and it works great with a baby carrier. Many pockets and lots of space! Wonderful wonderful bag! Worth every penny!  –   Gerri - 05/13/2014

  –  Zippers make lots of noise

We have the backpack diaper bag. It has great pockets with very useful storage for specific items like diapers and bottles. I really like the pocket on top for keeping diapers organized. The one thing that I really do not like is that the zippers/zipper pulls make so much noise. It's very annoying that the bag jingles so lout every time you pick it up or even move the bag. I had to tie prices of cord onto each zipper just so that it would dampen the noise.   –   Lauren - 05/08/2014

  –  Genius product

This is a genius product. There's nothing else like it on the market. My husband loves showing it off to his friends! Our favorite feature is the wipee compartment.   –   Christina San Jorge - 05/07/2014



  –  Still Fantastic 6 Years later

I just wanted to share with you how much I love your backpacks. We went through several diaper bags with my first son. We couldn't seem to find one that fit all of our needs, until I came upon your product on a web search. I took a chance and ordered a bag. That was six years ago and I am still in love with the bag. After six years and two boys the bag is still being used for when we hike, bike, boat or have overnight trips. Thank you for making such a fantastic product.?  –   Kellyan T. - 04/25/2014

  –  So glad you have an alternative diaper bag for dads

As a woman I truly love purses and bags but I knew my husband would not appreciate the typical diaper bag geared towards women. I wanted him to keep his masculinity while caring for our child. We love the backpack and the ingenuity your company showed in the design. Good job!!  –   Amy K - 04/24/2014

  –  Great product overall and smart design

I purchased a backpack diaper bag oin preparation for a newborn due in June 2014. I haven't had a chance to use this backpack on a daily basis yet so I Wil likely have future feedback as well but here are my initial thoughts. Positive 1. Backpack is solidly constructed 2. Realy smart design with zip open to lay flat, spot for baby wipes easily accessible without opening the bag, spots for multiple bottles also easily accessible. Very well thought out design overall and quite usable. Negative 1. Straps could be longer. I'm a big & tall guy and frankly have little strap available to fit me correctly. Maybe making the bag a little longer so it fits better. 2. Could be a little better padding on the shoulder straps.   –   Dave W - 04/23/2014

  –  More slip pockets

The large clam shell opening is nice but there are no slips to organize or pockets within it. I wound up getting an additional cosmetic bag to separate food items from the toys that I keep in this area. Wish the changing pad had its own slip pocket like on the padded side of the back pack. Otherwise it is very durable and I like the bag a lot.   –   Amy L - 04/18/2014

  –  Outstanding!

I purchased the billboard backpack for my husband when our first son was born. We are going six years strong! The bag can hold more that you can imagine as now we have two boys & the "stuff" adds up ;) I was so pleased to have found Dad gear as I was not the type of Mom who wanted frilly diaper bags, these bags fit both our personalities. We also have a billboard mesanger bag & sport bag that have held up just as well. In our opinion these products were WELL WORTH every penny spent!   –   Amy K - 04/14/2014

  –  Gift that receives High-Fives!

My nephew is a hunter, fisherman, and first time dad. I just couldn't see him hauling an oversized purple bag with pink tutus, so I went on the hunt for a diaper bag for him. When I stumbled upon the DadGear website, I thought I found a gold mine. I selected the backpack with the universal camo design and crossed my fingers that he would like it. When he unwrapped his gift at the "co-ed" baby shower, I received high-fives and 'that is awesome' shout-outs from the men. Everyone wanted to know where I got it. Way to go DadGear for making my gift the most popular and clever gift at the shower. My nephew loves it!  –   Valerie D - 04/07/2014

  –  good product

Very happy with the backpack diaper bag.. makes me feel like a kool dad  –   octavio - 04/07/2014

  –  Wish I had this for the 1st Kiddo

I love this bag... let me count the ways! I love the organization that is provided with the zippered pockets. The netting inside the pockets are nice to see through so you know what is inside. The only thing I would improve is to make the netting somehow flexible to expand a bit for larger items like tylenol bottles/ boxes. The bag is light weight. I owned the JuJuBe Be Right Back backpack and it was heavy to begin and then you added your stuff and it was too heavy and bulky. This DadGear bag is lightweight and rigid enough for shape prior to packing in all the goods. This bag is not too wide that I hit people when I wear it. Diaper clips are a great feature but you have to use both hands to clip them on. Not a deal breaker. Just something to note. I recommend purchasing the addition of the wipes case designed especially for the bag. I did not purchase it because I thought I would just use the flip top wipes bag from Pampers. When the disposable bag gets low, the wipes case gets lost in the section for the wipes. I LOVE that special flap section though!!! I show all my friends. Oh and I love the design - I got the "Daisy" bag - the not too girlie one so my husband can still use it. I wanted a back pack so bad so that I can have my hands free - If I only get two hands (and not 8 like I need) I want full use while chasing my 3 kids!   –   Marla Deck - 04/05/2014

  –  2nd Time Dad Gift

I bought this bag for my husband to celebrate the birth of our 2nd child. The fabrics and materials are sturdy. The design is well thought out and functional. The diaper hammock and easy access wipes are my husband's favorite features. The light colored interior makes finding items super easy and super fast. Previously my husband was using grocery tote bags, old back packs and any other sack to avoid lugging around our other generic diaper bag. As a result, we often forgot to pack something, lost items, couldn't find them quickly and even damaged expensive electronics due to sippy cups and bottles leaking because they did not have a dedicated pocket. The backpack diaper bag is proving to be a benefit to our entire little family. I'm super happy I came across this company and decided to place an order. Overall, it has exceeded my expectations.  –   Jenny - 04/02/2014

  –  Great For Dads!

For our third child, I wanted something other than the Vera Bradley bag my wife had for our first 2 children. I don't feel goofy taking the kids out now caring that flowery bag.   –   Brendan - 03/25/2014

  –  Nice backpack

I had high expectations for this backpack as it's a bit pricey. I really wanted to give this a 3.5 stars, but since I can't do a half star, I gave them the benefit of the doubt ( and rounded up). The backpack overall is pretty nice. But for this price, I'd expect them to pay attention to the details. For example, the zippers, have no zipper pulls. The shoulder straps could be more padded and are a bit short. Plus the shoulder straps often come loose (I have to use a clip to keep them from slipping out). The pockets inside are all nice and I like the quick access wipes. There's not that many options for specific diaper bag backpacks, so I think this is one of the better choices.  –   Chuck - 03/17/2014

  –  My Husband loves his Daddy Diaper Backpack

Great backpack with multiple compartments. Lots of storage and convenient access to diaper wipes. Also easy to strap onto the stroller. Perhaps price could be a little more affordable though.  –   Annie - 03/03/2014

  –  Daddy backpack

Could not have been more pleased with the product. Looks fine on the web sight, but is even more impressive in person. It has many compartments and is made very well! I told everyone at the baby shower about dadgear I purchased the backpack for my son-in-law who will soon be the father of triplets.  –   Joann Desario - 02/21/2014

  –  Best Diaper Bag!!

We've tried a few different kinds of diaper bags. Finally, when my husband started staying home, he was using a huge gym bag saying that the diaper bags were all a little too feminine and too small. I found this backpack and it has been a life saver! There is so much storage but the bag is not too large, its very deceiving! It still fits me, while fitting him better than any other bag. We are expecting another one in a few months and this bag will provide plenty of space for both of our children! I couldn't suggest this company more! I'm a native Coloradan too... so I'm glad I could support a local company while getting a great product too!  –   Casey Melin - 02/12/2014


I recently purchased the camouflage backpack diaper bag to use for our son. I was not only impressed with the quality of the product (It's MADE IN THE U.S.A), but I was also impressed with the communication with Scott. I emailed him awhile back with a question, and within minutes he responded, and was more than helpful. This sealed the deal for me. I've been using my bag for about 3 weeks now, and I couldn't be happier with my decision to buy a Dadgear bag.   –   Jason Hudson - 02/12/2014

  –  Great!

Bought this bag for my husband. He is one guy in a house of girls so I wanted him to have something masculine to carry all of our little girls' pink stuff in. I love the extra pockets and dividers and easy access to wipes. He appreciates that he can wear it as a backpack and not like a purse and still be comfortable carrying little girl in the carrier and be comfortable and not feel like he is dropping anything or continuously having to readjust it all.   –   Autumn - 01/20/2014

  –  Awesome backpack!

I love all the space and pockets. Fits everything. Especially love the baby wipes compartment at the bottom. Super convenient.   –   Mary - 12/06/2013

  –  Backpack diaper bag

This diaper bag is great. Easy to carry since it's a backpack and not a perse/handbag. It's got plenty if compartments to keep your baby and you organized. I love the backpack. I guarantee any new parent weather it's a mom or dad would love the diaper backpack.   –   Dane - 12/04/2013

  –  Great for the husband

My husband is a manly man so the camo backpack was perfect for him, it fits his style perfectly and is as functional as any moms diaper bag we LOVE it!!!!  –   Heather - 12/02/2013

  –  Great diaper bag!

Great quality and love the look! Not too girly and not too manly! :)  –   Kari Bonde - 11/27/2013

  –  Great option for active parents

She has her own diaper bag, but this is mine/ours. So much easier to carry. Keeps both hands free. Ample space. Comes with the changing pad. Works well with the Bjorn. Have the orange retro stripe and cannot get it mixed with all of the black bags at big events.   –   Zach - 10/26/2013

  –  Nice backpack

Bag is manly and practical at the same time. It's as advertised.  –   BB - 10/22/2013

  –  Great pack pack

bought for a buddy that just had a baby....I wish this gear was around when my two kids were in diapers. Looks like a back pack and has all the ammenties of a diaper bag and then some! We thought out in design with a spot for wipes bottles phones etc. I would highly recommend Dad Gear to any expecting Dads!  –   mike - 10/21/2013

  –  Best purchase ever!!!

We bought the dadgear back pack when my son was almost 5 months. I wish we had it from the start! We had been trying various expensive diaper bags but no matter what we tried, it took too long to find things and it was always a pain to carry with the baby and the carseat. We got the backpack and it has made everything so much easier! I can carry the backpack and my now 6 1/2 month old (20lbs) with no problem! Best purchase ever and I highly recommend skipping the traditional diaper bag and going straight to this!!!  –   Jenn Martinkovic - 10/12/2013

  –  dad backpack

The thing is awesome. I searched in stores for weeks trying to find one that was stylish and fit my needs and had no luck what so ever until I found your website. I have already passed along the website to 4 coworkers who will be new fathers soon.  –   jason n - 09/12/2013

  –  Great Product!!!

A must buy for all dads. Great compartments, design makes sense, and very great material used. You won't be sorry you purchased this  –   Paul C - 09/09/2013

  –  no relative to the purse

The backpack diaper bag is a great gift for dads to care for their infant without having to swing a pink or purple diaper bag under their arm. It has room for all the essentials and handy enough that most can be accessed with one hand. It's great to keep dad's involved and recognize him as an equal parent.  –   Beth S - 09/09/2013

  –  For my sons' 1st baby

My son liked having a backpack to use instead of the typical diaper bag. It has all the pockets and easy access for anything and a little bit of everything they will need. Very good quality. Thanks for taking care of the dads.  –   carla - 09/01/2013

  –  Excellent bag!

This a great bag. The best diaper bag backpack I've found. It can fit a ton of stuff without feeling like it's too bulky. The only improvements that would make it even better are for the zippered bottle pockets on the sides to be insulated, a bungee on the back to hold jackets or whatever, and maybe some straps on the sides to cinch the bag and make it more compact for times when you aren't bringing a bunch of stuff. Otherwise, a fantastic bag!   –   Dina - 08/10/2013

  –  Best bag ever!

Just got our new Diaper bag, my Husband and I are very happy w/ it, it's very spacious has lots of compartments and I will be able to use it for 3 of my kids or even beyond diaper bag use, materials seems durable, i like the wipes compartment the stroller straps, top diaper compartment and spacious 2 bottle compartment with netting on the side for water or sippy cups for my older kids, it does lack a insulated milk compartment but easily fixed by having a insulated pouch inserted in the bottle compartment. I needed a replacement part and emailed them the request, they replied and sent me the part I needed the next day, very happy with their service. Will definitely recommend to all expecting moms and dads!  –   Maria D - 08/08/2013

  –  Great gift of dad

This is the perfect gift for a new or soon to be dad. The design is very functional with convenient pouches for bottles, diapers, toys, etc. and it looks great.  –   Lindsay B - 08/02/2013

  –  Unique and useful.

Purchased this item to give a s a gift to one of my best buddies on his first baby's birth. Their response was (and I quote): "thanks for the unique and very useful gift, it's very, very cool".  –   JC Lopez - 07/27/2012

  –  Great for multiples

I have 18 month boy girl twins and I'm able to fit everything we need in here. I like that it's virtually one-handed -- in a public restroom, I can hang the pack off the end of the pull down changing table, take out the diaper mat, access the diapers and the wipes while keeping a hand on the baby. I agree with the previous poster that insulated pockets to keep bottles cool would have been nice when they were younger. Mine is also starting to fray on the inside and those loose threads get caught in the zipper. My only other complaint is that it would be nice to have more storage for wipes -- perhaps add a feature that would allow a standard plastic wipes box to fit in the bottom and use the wipes dispenser to access that? With multiples, a day trip runs us out of wipes, forcing us to carry a large plastic box around anyway, defeating the purpose of how nice and compact the container is. Still, an amazing pack and I like that I'll be able to use it for books and maybe my laptop when my kiddos are FINALLY potty trained.   –   Mom to twins - 07/10/2012

  –  So Roomy

We have this bag. It is so roomy. There are compartments for everything. I love the bottle compartments on either side.  –   Anita L. - 01/25/2012

  –  This deserves 10 stars!

This deserves 10 stars! I wish I knew about this 2 yrs ago. This thing can hold so much; 5 board books, coloring book, 16pc crayons, 2 chng of clothes, a few diapers, potty seat, basic first aid kit, 1 pr socks, snacks, my wallet, small camera, small video cam (flip size), sippy cup, bottled water, GameBoy thing, GameBoy thing, etchasketch. This thing is the greatest!!!  –   Amy S. - 01/11/2012

  –  Thanks for making our life easier

I purchased the bag for my daughter as a gift for Christmas. She had a baby in April and had bought a bag for her husband so he could have his own personal bag. She loves it and will tell everyone about it and where it came from. Thanks for making our life easier.  –   Jane B. - 01/08/2012

  –  More handy than a diaper bag

I really do LOVE my backpack, so much more handy than a diaper bag, especially for traveling, it even went with me all the way to Germany :))  –   Sandra A - 09/27/2011

  –  great customer service

I contacted customer support online last week and received a very prompt response. Thanks so much. Great customer service!  –   Sara L. - 09/22/2011

  –  love the bag

I love the bag and am taking it on my trip to England with my 1-1/2 and 2-1/2 boys!  –   Charles R. - 09/19/2011

  –  top notch

Wanted to express our gratitude for the new backpack. It arrived yesterday and are QUITE pleased with the new improvements you've made. The side elastic paockets are a GREAT addition! Also, sewing on the inner clips was a wonderfu idea, b/c that was something that broke quickly. Good thinking! Again, thank you, we couldn't be more pleased; this operation is top notch.  –   Adrienne J. - 09/01/2011

  –  had to show the wife

I LOVE the backpack!!! My sons who are giving this to their cousin, liked it to! In fact, my older son had to show the wife…  –   Joanne T. - 08/22/2011

  –  highly recommend

All around, the Dad Gear backpack is a great bag and we highly recommend one for the dad in your life. He will thank you for it!  –   Jessica B - 07/27/2011

  –  awesome diaper backpack

I just wanted to write and say thank you one more time for my awesome diaper backpack! It was really easy to review because I genuinely love it so much. My wife has given up her "cuter" diaper bag and started carrying the backpack!  –   Josh C. - 07/26/2011

  –  no longer embarrassed

Your products are phenomenal and last forever! I am no longer embarrassed to be carrying around a diaper bag.   –   Ryan M. - 04/18/2011


After scouring the net for the best backpack to use as a diaper bag, I ended up getting the DadGear Backpack Diaper Bag. Reviewers said that it was great for more than one child, had tons of storage, organization, etc. It has pockets on the sides for drinks, a compartment for wipes, one for diapers, and it's just a solid bag. Bought this to replace my small awkward diaper bag!  –   J. King - 02/28/2011

  –  making my wife jealous

I am definitely getting a lot of compliments and I think I saved MANY new and soon to be dads from the many lame baby bags out there. Also making the women, especially my wife, jealous of the hidden little bottle compartment that prevents me from opening the bag  –   Dominic C. - 01/17/2011

  –  easy to carry

We enjoy the fact that the backpack is large, easy to carry, easy access. I also got my husband the jacket which he uses every day.   –   Blythe B. - 11/11/2010

  –  still in great shape

We got it three and a half years ago for our first daughter. It is being used for baby number two now and is still in great shape (we are not nice to it). Thank you for coming up with such a great product.   –   Mike and Shauna N. - 10/16/2010

  –  very intuitive

My diaper bag is very girly and I think it's mean to make the husband carry that around-haha. Anyway, he absolutely LOVES it. It's very well made and has some great design work. I love that you can access the bottles from the inside and out via the side pockets. He finds the bag very intuitive.   –   Kelley G. - 08/18/2010

  –  my husband felt so special

It's well made and well thought out. My husband felt so special on Father's day. We can't wait for our baby to arrive to fill it up:)  –   Trisha M - 07/19/2010

  –  love all the room

What I love most is all the room! I've got two kids under the age of three and I really need all the space it offers. Of course it wouldn't be a dad-bag w/o the great art designs, so that goes without saying.  –   Luke A - 05/24/2010

  –  What a great concept

My brother in law absolutely loves his backapck diaper bag. He is a very neat and organized person. He is a new dad and is currently "at home" with his 4 month old twin daughters. He was so excited to show me the compartments of the bag and is especially excited about the wipes compartment. The bag I picked out for him matches their double jogger stroller. What a great concept. I'll be ordering another one for another brother in law whose 3rd child was born 2 weeks ago.  –   Karen M. - 04/18/2010

  –  One very satisfied customer

I came across multiple mentions of how great the DadGear customer service was. Your timely, informative, and rectifying response confirms those opinions, hands down!  –   Steven - 04/01/2010

  –  go-to baby gift

I two bags I've purchased already have been quite the hit - and recommended as future gifts. I wish I'd found your products sooner. The DadGear backpack is now my go-to baby gift. One that I know is helpful and adaptable as the baby grows. Thanks for such a great product.  –   Alicia A. - 02/12/2010

  –  Love your backpack

We love your backpack! It is so much easier to manage everything! We are especially excited to use it on our trip to Disney World next month! We have recommended it to all of our friends and will be buying another soon for a shower gift!  –   Jennifer M. - 01/27/2010

  –  Great for hauling stuff for multiples!

I think we went through 5 other diaper bags before finding this gem! With 18 month B/G twins, we still haul a lot of stuff even just to go out to eat. This bag is great for the storage capacity. You can fit plenty of diapers in the top pocket. The front pocket is great for things you need easy access to and the huge back section holds a ton of whatever you need to take - clothes, toys, extra food, etc. All in all, I can hold all the kids' stuff, PLUS my wallet, keys, lipgloss, etc. I also like the wipes dispenser on the front for easy access when I need to clean the kids' hands. I don't have to dig to the bottom to find them. The two, side bottle pockets are great for sippy cups of water, but I would not be as happy with them if I was still carrying around milk bottles that I wanted to stay cold, because they are not insulated. (They are also pretty narrow.) My only other con is that this is a LONG backpack and I am a short woman (5'2"). So it hits pretty far down on my rear end. But for the convenience of carrying EVERYTHING I want to and still having my hands free to deal with the twins, this diaper bag can not be beat.   –   Dallas - 01/01/2010

  –  Excellent product

As the user of the product (i.e. the Dad), I want to say how impressed I am with it. Its size, functionality, and appearance have all met or exceeded expectations. I have received numerous compliments on my backpack. Most people are completely "blown away" when they realize it is a diaper bag and not a regular backpack. Excellent product!!!  –   Pat V. - 09/28/2009

  –  We love our backpack!

We love our DadGear backpack! Hnags at the right angle on the stoller (you don’t kick it when you walk), so many compartments for everything we could possibly need. The diaper pocket on top is so handy and I love the bottle pockets! They're so big, we can even fir the big bottles for adults! When I ordered the bag I somehow missed that it had the refillable wipes compartment. It was a great surprisewhen we got it! I commend DadGear on the ingenuity! GREAT PRODUCT!  –   Heather S. - 08/29/2009

  –  Twin Mom approves

This bag has enough compartments of varying sizes that it accomodates everything that I need for my twosome. Right now I have it configured for 2 bottles on one side, juice or water bottle refills on the other side pocket, diapers and first aid items in the 2nd compartment, books and my wallet, etc in the first, toys in the biggest, and handy snacks in the smaller top part. The biggest compartment is big enough to put sand toys for both of them in and whatever else. Everything is conveniently placed! I used to have a bag work and a diaper bag for the kids, but now I just combine the two so I don't feel like a pack animal. Excellent!  –   J. Gilmore - 07/02/2009

  –  Absolutely fantastic diaper bag!

After conducting extensive diaper bag research, I found a bag that either parent could carry (a definite plus, as some diaper bags are "girly"), with organization to spare, plenty of room, plus an ergonomic backpack design that makes it easy to manage the kids while out and about: the Dad Gear Backpack Diaper Bag. Can't say enough good things about this bag! First, the wipes are easily accessible without even opening the pack, via a flip-down compartment on the outside. Genius! Second, there is a pocket for diapers that's on the very top of the bag, so you never have to dig around for them. Next, there are two deep side pockets (one on each side), and I routinely fit four cans of premade formula on one side, and a bottle on the other side with a zip-lock bag of extra drop-in bottle liners. Then there are two mesh pockets on the outside of the bag, perfectly sized for a sippy cup or spare bottle (or even my own water bottle). There are two organizational pockets in the front, one of which I use to store diaper supplies (lotions/creams, changing pad, extra wipes, hand sanitizer and the like), and the other I use for crayons, books, and a zip-lock bag with a bib and baby spoon. Finally, there's a huge middle pocket, which I use to store a spare outfit for each child (right down to the socks, in case of catastrophe), snacks for the toddler, baby food for the baby, toys, coloring books, board books and a few other odds and ends that make life easier. This bag is comfortable to carry, as well. We live close to Disney, and have used it on our frequent, all-day park excursions. The straps and the design of the bag make it easy to manage, and I highly recommend it to parents with more than one child! Worth the money! Daddy will thank you.  –   K. Gorgone - 05/08/2009

  –  Good for dads

We were looking for a bag that both mom and dad could carry without looking like a complete idiot, and this is about the only one out there. The bag is very well constructed, and so far I can't find anything wrong with it. In fact, when the bag came, the changing pad was not included. However - a testament to the customer service - when I complained about it, I was sent the missing part and had it within 2 days! I would definitely recommend this bag.   –   Lynn W. - 02/19/2009