Unfortunately not. We don’t have the tools to verify international credit cards the way they do so we trust this service to them. Since partnering with them, we have hundreds of happy international customers.

Yes, we have partnered with a company that handles all of our international shipments and they do it quite well. Select “International Checkout” and follow the prompts. You can prepay any taxes and tariffs as well.

Yes, select USA Checkout (…yes we know, but USA/Canada Checkout does not fit on that button) and we’ll ship your order via US Postal Service. They will transfer it to Royal Canadian Mail and you’ll have the package in 7-20 days.

Yes we have, but the likelihood of us getting it right is slim. There are many different dimensions in sizing for ladies. Think of all of the stores just for women’s clothing. The challenge is designing a vest that is flattering and would fit a variety shapes and sizes and is a task we just don’t think we can accomplish with great results. Sorry moms!

We always welcome suggestions and constantly strive to make our products better. We’ve been improving our bags and accessories for the last 10 years and that is part of what makes us a lasting brand. Send your ideas using the contact page. Thanks for the suggestions!

All of our products are CPSIA compliant, that is to say that they contain less than the maximums allowed by the CPSIA Act. As much as we strive to ensure our products don’t contain even a trace amount of these and other potentially harmful compounds, we can never be 100% sure as we don’t make the fabrics or the coatings on the fabric ourselves. If you are extremely concerned about even the slightest amount of one of these, we recommend you look for a natural fiber bag made without any coatings whatsoever. The majority of fabrics used for bag production have a coating on one side for durability and stiffness, and these can contain slight traces of many elements depending on factories and production processes. Think of it like a nut allergy. A baking pan that had a small amount of almond oil in the dough for one loaf of bread could technically transfer over a trace amount of almond oil to the next 10-20 loaves. The same is possible with any coating from batch to batch in the equipment used in the large factories where our materials are manufactured.

No need to buy one, just send us your address and we’ll send you some new ones. No cost to you. Yes, there are still some freebies in this world and we’re happy to offer them. Consider it our thanks for using our products!

Although we don’t recommend washing the bag, many of our customers have had luck by removing everything from the bag and washing on a gentle cycle with mild detergent on cold and then air drying (do not tumble dry) when complete. The problem is no matter how gentle, washing still shrinks fabrics a little and the binding tape and fabrics shrink at different rates which causes puckering. However a little puckering may be better than a smelly bag.

We get this question a lot. The short answer is no, but there is a reason. We have tested those “insulated” pockets and bags and find that although they technically work, they don’t work well. We decided to find the best and coolest insulated bottle out there and offer that to our customers. We partnered with a company called Miir® and offer their insulated bottles on our site. These bottles keep cold things cold for 24 hours and hot things hot for 8 hours. Oh, and we tested them to make sure. In fact they work so well that we were completely amazed. The best part is that since they are double walled, no perspiration on the bottle either so the bag won’t get wet. We HIGHLY recommend them to anyone. We recommend you get 2, one for your kids and one for you! They are available in two sizes: 700ml and 500ml.

Unfortunately not. We don’t have collegiate licensed products anymore. The first place to look is Amazon. If there are any available there, those were our last models that we sold to one of our vendors. If you don’t see what you want on Amazon, our suggestion is to purchase an all-black bag (messenger, backpack, sport or courier) and find a logo that you can have sewn on once you receive the bag.

Yes, we have them for sale on our accessories page. Our bags are designed so most major brands of soft pack wipes with a flip top door integrate perfectly with our quick access wipes window, so we don’t include it for those who would prefer to put their favorite brand directly in the bag. However, for those who don’t like that big bulky baby wipes package in their bag, our patented Quick Access Wipes Case is a perfect solution.

All of the information on our website is correct and we adjust it whenever something changes so our customers receive exactly what they ordered. As much as we try to communicate changes to our partners, sometimes they just don’t get it correct. We provide the most accurate images, descriptions and features of our products of any location on the web. Even if you see multiple sites with the same data, ours is the correct version. If you are still confused, feel free to give us a call and we’ll clear it up.