You Don’t Need Superpowers to be a Super Dad!

Posted on 11 October 2017

I’ve always wanted to become a dad. But I always wondered who do I need to become, what kind of superhero dad do I need to be to be a good dad? Do I need to be like Superman, who is indestructible and super strong, or like Spiderman, who can wrap you up in a web of protection, or do I need to be like Batman, hiding in the shadows and making sure my baby is ok at all time, eliminating the dangers around her, or him?


Andrzej & Avalee-Rose Raising the roof


Needless to say, when Avalee-Rose arrived, all of my superhero ideas went out the window. As soon as I locked my eyes on her I became the Super Dad I was meant to be, and I didn’t even know it!  If you are a dad, I know that it relates to you as well and if you are about to become one, don’t worry, your Super Dad will kick in soon!

So, what makes a Super Dad?


You are the Rock

Who said that men can’t multitask? Hmm… You are a rock that can withstand tones of pressure even when sometimes it seems like it is all too much.  You are a one-man support system for the whole family and the rock to lean on for your wife or partner.

Even after a whole day of work, I come home to play with the kids (Katie 12 and Lily 8), help them with homework and help to look after our baby (Avelee 14months). I help my wife with dinner, I help with kids’ bed time and I still find the time for work on our online business. And although it sometimes feels like a constant and never-ending rollercoaster, I do it all proudly with a smile on my face.


Andrzej & Avalee-Rose (Wanderlust Storytellers)


You are strong enough

You are strong enough to take on any challenge and play any games. You are strong enough to withstand sleepless nights and physical strain. You are strong enough to carry your kids around, run with them all day and play with them for hours on end.

One of my favorite things to do with our kids is to travel. A lot of the times when we explore, we need to walk long distances. Although I can’t carry Katie or Lily anymore, I can pop Avie on my shoulders and carry her around all day long, together with a backpack on the back for counter balance. I can throw her up in the air for photos, bend down for hours holding her hand when she walks and still have strength for other activities with Katie and Lily.


You have a Sixth Sense for danger

Your instincts are as fast as lightening! Your arm goes out to protect your child from falling, long before she or he has a chance to fall. Your hand covers corners of the tables, before they even get close. Your eyes follow them constantly when they are around.

It’s like, when I became a dad, my protector-meter got finally switched on. I see everything and even without getting a health and safety certificate. When kids are jumping on a trampoline, my eyes go up and down with them. When they swim in the ocean, I’m circling them like dolphin, always ready to help. When Avie runs around on her toddler legs, I’m there to hold her hand. Man, I love being a dad!


You are a nocturnal creature

You can see in the dark! Haha… ok, maybe not quite! But you can stay up all night if you need to and your ears are always peeled for sounds if your kids need you.

There are times, when our kids have bad dreams, so I’m there to tuck them in and to reassure them that it is all ok and that it is just a bad dream. There are times when kids are sick and require more attention at night, or their coughing just simply doesn’t let you sleep at all. And there is time, like just now, when Avie is dealing with a jetlag after our European trip and it’s taking forever for her to adjust to the time zones. Hmm… I really don’t remember when I last slept a whole night since we had Avie.


Being silly is good

Dads’ sense of humor is awesome, even if your older kids may not appreciate it anymore, because they are just too embarrassed. You have a unique bond with your kids and you are equipped with a tension and stress disarming ability.


Goofy Andrzej & Avalee-Rose


Whether it is with silly games, silly voices or other silly things I do, I know that I can dissolve a serious atmosphere in seconds. Well, maybe sometimes I go a bit overboard, but I love my sense of humor and our youngest ones still appreciate it to an extent.

We, Super Dads, we simply do what needs to be done. There is no task to hard and there are no complaints from us. We love what we do and we do it for small rewards. A simple smile and a hug suffices. Because, what else do you need. You are a Super Dad!


- Andrzej Ejmont, Wanderlust Storytellers

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