What to Pack in your Travel Diaper Bag for the Flight

Posted on 02 August 2017

There are plenty of things that you need to concentrate on when you travel with kids. The last thing you want to worry about is where the nappies are when you need them.

It is important to be organized and to have all your baby items handy and easily accessible from your diaper bag.  And what better way to have it all sorted, than in the coolest baby travel bag that money can buy; a DadGear backpack diaper bag!



There are plenty of choices of baby bags for travel on the market, but you simply cannot beat the DadGear diaper bag!  Here is a checklist of what to pack in your carry-on travel diaper bag backpack. 


What to pack in your DadGear backpack diaper bag for travel?

When you are packing your travel diaper back backpack, there are plenty of essentials that you cannot travel without. We have created this packing checklist for you, so you don’t have to worry that you have left something out.  Simply follow the list and fill-up your travel nappy bag stress free.



Diaper Bag for Travel – Essentials

    • Diapers - Depending on how long is the flight, you may need to pack extra diapers. We tend to pack between 5-10 good quality diapers.
    • Disposable Diaper Bags  - Disposable diaper bags are essential when you travel.  You may need to change your baby in random places and dispose of the rubbish discretely.
    • Diaper Cream  - Make sure to grab 1 small size jar of diaper cream to minimize weight of your travel baby bag. 
    • Baby Wipes  - Take 1 packet of travel size baby wipes.  Baby wipes are helpful for so many different things, from cleaning sticky hands to wiping up baby drool.
    • Changing Pad  - Your DadGear backpack comes with a changing pad which fits nicely on the airplane changing table.
    • Burping Cloths  - Two burping cloths. When you fly, you will need to wipe your little one’s mouth and some spills as well.
    • Spare Clothes for Baby  - Take 2 sets of spare clothes, one light and one warmer. The temperature on the plane and the airports may vary.
    • Warm Blanket  - Take 1 warm blanket to cover your little one. There are blankets on the planes, but your baby will be more familiar with their own one and you will have more settled little passenger. 
    • Pacifiers  - Take 2 pacifiers, depending if your baby is using one or not.
    • Baby Bottles  - Take 2 baby bottles for baby formula, that way if you cannot rinse one when you need it, you have a spare one.
    • Sippy Cup  - 1 sippy cup for water or juice (if age appropriate for your child).
    • Water and/or Juice  - Take 1 of each in small containers.
    • Baby Formula  - Take 2 to 4 ready to mix baby formula sets. You can purchase a small container with a number of sections for easy access.
    • Baby Food and a Spoon  - Take 2 to 3 jars of baby food.  Familiar baby food selection and a favorite spoon can come in handy.
    • Snacks  - 2 packets of favorite snacks, to keep peace during the flight and to give your little one something to crunch on (if age appropriate).
    • Bibs  - 2 bibs to protect the clothes.
    • Hand Sanitizer  - 1 small hand sanitizer to clean your babies hands after eating and yours after changing nappies.
    • Baby Toys  - 2 favorite toys to keep your baby happy whilst travelling.  We love to pack brand new toys.
    • Breastfeeding Cover  - 1 breastfeeding cover, for privacy on the plane and on the airport.
    • Teething Gel  - 1 small tube of teething gel, in case your baby has sore gums.
    • Lollipop – Our secret weapon.  We always travel with a lollipop because sometimes our baby doesn’t want another bottle upon landing, so we can whip out the lollipop to encourage sucking in order to help her ears.


Your brand new DadGear can carry all of the above and more.  As long as you stick to the essentials and choose to pack only travel size goodies, you will have plenty of additional space for your own small necessities, such as a passport, water bottle, jumper, camera and more.


Stay tuned to the blog. Video of how to pack your DadGear diaper travel bag coming soon!


-Andrzej Ejmont, Wanderlust Storytellers

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