Traveling to Tokyo with Kids: A Parents Guide

Posted on 05 September 2017

Are you looking for how to make traveling to Tokyo with a baby or toddler easy? Are you searching for tips and hints of how to make travel to Tokyo with kids a breeze?

Welcome to Tokyo! Home of the thousands of trains and home of the billion stairs, or at least it feels like that when you go there! Regardless of how hard and complicated it may sound, travel to Tokyo with toddler could not be easier and all thanks to DadGear backpack diaper bag!



Tips: Follow the links to find out What to Pack in your Travel Diaper Bag for the Flight and check out a video of How to Pack your DadGear Backpack Diaper Bag for Dad.


Traveling to Tokyo with Kids Made Easy!

During our travels, we encounter many unforeseen obstacles and some of them prove to be hard to predict. And it really doesn’t matter how prepared you may thing that you are, sometimes the destinations may surprise you. We all know that Tokyo is known for its super-fast trains, but I never thought that there will be so many of them and so many stairs!



Travelling with toddlers to Tokyo couldn’t be easier with your DadGear backpack diaper bag!  Here are the three main reasons why you will need your trusty DadGear travel bag for baby handy:


Hopping on and off trains of Tokyo with a baby:

Tokyo is a super hub of perfectly connected Shinkansen bullet trains, intercity trains and subways! At the first glance this maze of train lines can seem a bit confusing, but in reality, it is very easy to navigate.

Regardless of precise connections and a magnitude of trains availability, there will be plenty of hopping on and off the trains when you travel through Tokyo with a baby!



Benefits of having a DadGear diaper bag travel backpack:

Whilst your trusty baby travel backpack sits comfortably on your shoulders and your baby snuggles you up in a baby pouch, your hands are free to buy and show train tickets, and perhaps grab a coffee for the road.


Climbing billion stairs of Tokyo with toddler:

Tokyo is a massive city with billions of stairs! The last thing you think of when you get here is to minimize on the pull-along luggage. Yes, although there are plenty of great train connections and taxis everywhere, Tokyo can surprise you with the number of steps.

Whether it is you are transferring from the airport to the hotel or hotel to the train stations, it will be much easier to not have any too much travel luggage tugging along behind you.



Benefits of having your DadGear travel diaper backpack:

Whilst you climb billions of stairs in and out of train stations, you will not need to lift and drag too much heavy luggage.


Checking out the super busy Tokyo with kids:

Navigating through the busy streets of Tokyo with kids can prove a little bit overwhelming. Million lights of Shinjuku, the world-famous Shibuya crossing and narrow Omoide Yokocho memory lines attract gazillions of tourists and can get quite a bit crowded!

You and your kids, including the baby, will be checking out the sights with eyes wide open. Last thing you want is to worry about a diaper bag.



Benefits of getting one of the DadGear diaper bags for travel with kids:

Whilst your kids are staring at all the neon lights of Tokyo and your baby is comfortably strapped in the baby carrier, your hands are free to hold onto your kids and keep your mind at ease!


There are loads more reasons why I love my DadGear backpack diaper bag, but those stories are yet to come! So, stay tuned to the DadGear blog for more!


- Andrzej Ejmont, Wanderlust Storytellers

*For more great tips on traveling with kids visit Wanderlust Storytellers - A Family Travel Blog.

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