The Best Destinations for a Dad and Daughter Getaway!

Posted on 19 January 2018

A daughter may often look to her dad for guidance, as well as the opportunity to spend more time with him. Similar can be said about a dad. He looks to his daughter, because she can inspire him in many different ways. From early childhood to adulthood, the benefits of a dad and daughter bonding are endless.

A dad and daughter getaway can certainly strengthen the bond between them. This bond will help both to learn from each other while having a great time on vacation.


Sydney, Australia

If you are after an unforgettable adventure to the one of the most beautiful cities in the world then you cannot miss out on checking out Sydney! This city has it all! There are spectacular beaches, extra-ordinary theme parks, amazing zoos and incredible ferry rides. However, if that is not enough for you and your daughter, then of course there is more.


Sydney Harbour Bridge


Sydney is home to some of the most amazing and world famous landmarks, such as Sydney Opera House, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, The Rocks and Darling Harbour. These places will keep you busy for days! Apart from all of the architectural marvels and beautiful photo opportunities, this city will provide world class and yummy cuisine for all kids, young and the mature ones.


Florence, Italy

For culture buffs, Florence certainly paves to the for a great travel destinations Florence is highly know for it's art and culture. Being widely known for birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, Florence has given us some of the best know creative minds such as Michelangelo. Now, this guy has produced some of the most important art works the world has ever seen!

For the father and daughter who both like fine arts Florence is the ultimate travel destination. Florence is a cultural haven and has some of the best Renaissance architecture in the world. There are plenty of things to see in Florence is its Palaces and square, famous statues, museums and art galleries. I think that both, dad and daughter will enjoy Florence for it's artistic atmosphere.


Koh Rong Samloem, Cambodia

Who doesn’t love tropical islands, sandy beaches that stretch for miles and delicious fresh coconuts? This island is a one stop that must make it to your list of things to visit with your daughter. Whilst you enjoy total bliss and relaxation that Koh Rong Samloem brings, your daughter will fall in love with one thing for sure. I am talking about beach swings!


Koh Rong Samloem Island Kids - Beach Swing


Koh Rong Samloem’s Saracen Bay Beach has plenty of beach swings to choose from. This way you can work on your muscles pushing the swings, whilst your daughter enjoys the fun and make some unforgettable memories that she will cherish with you forever!


Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu has a wide array of activities that a daughter and her dad can do on their getaway. Checking out beautiful beaches, exploring the historic sites, arts and immersing yourselves in the culture, seeing great landmarks, aquarium and zoo, are only a few of the activities that the traveling pair can expect to do in Honolulu.

By day Honolulu becomes even more vibrant and there are heaps of outdoor activities to explore as well. There is scuba diving, plenty of beautiful beaches, Pearl Harbour museum, tours and loads of memorials. You can also visit the landmarks Diamond Head for hiking or Iolani palace tours. Honolulu is packed with fun historic, cultural, outdoorsy and artsy activities, so you and your little one will have plenty of adventures here!


London, England

Seeing London is a great way for a dad and daughter to bond even more! Some of the best dad and daughter activities in London include a spectacular ride on the London Eye and going on a tour of the famous Big Ben!

And who doesn’t want to go on a ride on the one of a kind London double-decker bus!? London has various double decker buses, which you can tour London in, while enjoying all the site seeing and learning a bit more about the place. Apart from the bus ride, you can also see the famous London Tower, where many queens and other nobility have spent some of their glory days.

If you feel like a road trip, then you can venture out to see the Stonehenge. Now this is something else for sure! Just trying to figure out how the stone structure came into existence will make for great bonding conversation.


Nara Dear Park, Japan

Nara Dear Park is a magical place and a home to hundreds of very friendly dear. Your daughter will have a blast feeding this incredible creatures and walking with them between the hundreds of years old Japanese temples. Yes, this is not a theme park with dear in it. It is actually a beautiful complex and enchanting compilation of Japanese architectural marvels including Yakushi-ji Temple, Todai-ji Temple and the sensational Kofuku-ji Temple with a five-story pagoda.


Nara Park Japan - feature photo


This is a place where you and your daughter will find peace and tranquility of a beautiful Japanese gardens and you will also get a dose of Japanese history  and culture through some of the most important of Japan’s temples. Nara Deer Park must make it to your bucket list of destinations to visit with your daughter!


Agra, India

Welcome to the home of the famous Taj Mahal! Visiting the city of Agra for The Taj Mahal is a great reason to take a vacation as dad and daughter duo. The Taj Mahal has a whimsical and majestic presence that sets the tone for peace and tranquility. The Taj Mahal boosts amazing architecture and it is simply stunning! Taj Mahal is one of those places in the world that you simply cannot miss out on!

Apart from the Taj Mahal, there is plenty more to see in Agra! The are other historic landmarks and treasures in Agra such as Agra Fort, Taj Museum, Emperor Akbar's Tomb and The Gateway of India as well.


Orlando, Florida

Orlando is a haven for all dad and daughter fun adventures. And of course we are talking about the theme-parks! You'll be able to visit Disney world, Universal Studios, Universal Island of Adventures and SeaWorld just to name a few. There is nothing better in the world, than to see your little one smile from ear to ear! I think, checking out the theme-parks, going on the rides and seeing shows has got that guaranteed!


When choosing vacation spots as father and daughter travel destinations, it is ideal to choose vacation destinations that are appealing to both of you, of course! Going on a vacation should set the foundation for the two of you to spend quality time and enjoy each others company. Anytime a father and daughter shares is precious time and taking a vacation together will make time more precious with added memories.


- Andrzej Ejmont, Wanderlust Storytellers

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