Great Day Trips in Tokyo For Kids

Posted on 19 September 2017

Are you looking for the best day trips from Tokyo for kids?

Are you wondering what to pack for this day trip with a baby and still explore to no end?


Join us on an adventure to Nikko, on one of the best day trips from Tokyo with kids! Explore this amazing town with your little ones in style. Check out all the extraordinary sites and do it all with one backpack!


One of the Best Day trips from Tokyo For Kids

Although there are many spectacular day trips from Tokyo for kids, Nikko day trip is definitely one of the best. This Nikko Japan day trip should be on everyone's bucket list for sure!


Andrzej & Family in Nikko, Japan


Nikko Day Trip

Nikko is a one of the most beautiful small cities in the mountains just north of Tokyo. This city attracts tourists from all over the world to its amazing Nikko national park, beautiful temples, stunning shrines and of course the extraordinary views of the mountains.

Here are three of our favorite Nikko attractions that you simply cannot miss out on:

Nikko Tosho-gu Shrine:

Toshogu Shrine is one of the most beautiful shrines in this World Heritage Site. It dates back to 1617, when it was built by the second Tokugawa Shogun, Hidetada.


Nikko Tosho-gu Shrine


At first the shrine was built as a simple shire, but eventually was reconstructed and to this day stands as the magnificent example of Japanese architectural design superiority!


Rinno-Ji Temple:

Rinno-Ji Temple is the first and the main temple that you will see as you walk up from the Shinkyo Bridge side. This Buddhist temple is a home to the Sanbutsudo the Three Buddha Hall, which enshrines “Three Divine Manifestations of Nikko".


Rinno-Ji Temple


These are the Thousand-headed Buddha, the Amida Buddha and the Horse-headed Buddha. Rinno-Ji Temple is a truly marvelous temple to visit!


Futarasan Shrine:

Futarasan Shrine was founded in 782 by Buddhist monk Shodo Shonin, who introduced Buddhism to Nikko. This extraordinary shrine is dedicated to the three sacred mountains of Nikko: Mount Taro, Mount Nyoho and the most prominent of the three, Mount Nantai. You will be delighted to see this magnificent temple for sure!


What to take for the Day trip to Nikko:

Day trip to Nikko with Kids does not require you to take a lot of luggage. Especially when you are travelling with a baby, the best way is to choose a backpack that can fit everything, including the baby essentials, such as diapers, change of clothes, baby bottles and other.


Wanderlust Storytellers, Andrzej Ejmont with DadGear Backpack and Baby Daughter at Futarasan Shrine


My recommendation and a personal favorite is the DadGear backpack diaper bag. This way you can pack all the thing you may need for your baby, have your hands free to take pictures as well.  Not to mention, you can fit plenty more into the backpack like cameras, spare clothes for yourself, water bottles, snacks for the day and much more! 

I love Nikko and I know that you will too! There is so much more to the town and plenty more to see. There are awesome restaurants and great street stores to stop by for some yummy local delicacies. However, if you only have one day for this trip, then stick to the plan and you will have a great day in Nikko!


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- Andrzej Ejmont, Wanderlust Storytellers

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