How travel teaches kids to be more independent!

Posted on 27 December 2017

Travel is one of those amazing things that can help to shape the way you think about life and the world we live. It can help to teach our kids to be better individuals and can encourage their independence. And isn’t that what we all want for them? To be ready for the real world and to not be scared to explore their lives to the fullest?


How travel can help to teach our kids to be more independent! - Koh Rong Samloem Island Kids


I believe that travel can play a major factor in building strong, knowledgeable and independent human beings. Strong words? Maybe, but that is how I grew up too.


The more you see, the more you learn.

When we travel, we take our kids to various destinations. These are not always beautiful resorts and fancy cruises. Although I believe that they need to experience luxury, in order to appreciate what you can have if you work hard enough, there are more important things to see in the world.


How travel can help to teach our kids to be more independent! - Cambodia Tours Rice Processing and Preparation


With every country that we go to with our kids, we design the itineraries ensuring that we include the local way of life, experience of native cuisine and with ways to absorb some culture from the locals as well. We want to teach our kids the value of travel, not only for relaxation purposes, but for the way of life. We want them to grow up to become independent individuals that are not afraid to venture out to find their own place in the world and to truly spread their wings and broaden all of the horizons.


Learning culture around the world.

Going to different destinations is not only to eat in fancy restaurants or snacking on delicacies whilst sitting on the hammock facing a perfect beach. (Well, as I said it, I had to question myself. Haha… OK, but seriously.)


How travel can help to teach our kids to be more independent! - Cooking Class Feature Photo


Our kids love learning new things as we travel. One of which is learning how to cook. Every country that we visit, there is plenty of delicious food. And what better way to really appreciate the place, then to learn how to make it yourself. Imagine how much more exciting our kids’ lives will be in the future if they can create those yummy flavours at home for their families. Forget the old and boring steak and veg.


Involve your kids in planning your trips.

One of the biggest and unforgettable things that you can offer your kids is to let them choose things when you travel. Imagine how much more exciting your kids will be if they can choose the place you going to, town, or even a country. Ask them, what would they like to see there and research together for best ways to experience the places.


How travel can help to teach our kids to be more independent! - Jimbaran Puri Bali Infinity Pool


This way of travel opens up so many new possibilities for your kids. Yes, when your kids grow up, you will probably not see them much at all. But, imagine what amazing adventures they will experience in their lives. When they venture out to their own bucket-list destinations, they will remember who helped them to achieve their amazing life. That person is you!

Being a dad, all I want is the best for my kids. I am not talking about the best play station, or the new iPhone, so they can talk to their friend from behind the closed doors of their bedrooms. I want to share with them a piece of me, just like my dad did. I want to give them life experiences. I want to show them the world. I want to learn with them about cultures and yummy food. I want to be there to catch their smiles with my camera and have a bit of fun with them before they become independent.


- Andrzej Ejmont, Wanderlust Storytellers

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