Dads are More Involved in Parenting than You Think!

Posted on 07 November 2017

Gone are the days when the father figure was the sole provider and the wife was nurturing kids and looking after the house. Gone are the days where kids would see their dad only early in the morning and late at night for the “kiss goodnight”.


Dads help to build stronger family bonds!


These days tables have equalized or even in some cases even turned completely! And it really doesn’t matter how anymore who is in charge of the kids upbringing more, the mum or the dad. However, in some houses, the gender war continues to this day. We all have a choice in the matter which way we want to live. But one thing is a fact; Dads are more involved in parenting then you think!


Say hello to the Modern Dad!

There are countless things that modern dads do with their kids that a lot of the times gets swept up under the carpet and becomes forgotten about. Dads are often looked at as a dispensable one as it comes to the parenting and this could not be further from the truth! Let me give you a few examples as to why:


Dads change diapers too!

I know that it still happens in a lot of homes, but the snoring husband and the nocturnal wife is fast becoming a thing of a past.


Dad can change a diaper too!


These days dads do get pup through the night to help their little ones to sleep again. We do change the diapers even if it is the “scary” number 2. We do get involved with bathing, feeding and gazillions other everyday things and it comes to us naturally.


Dads inspire adventure and help to build confidence!

Although we are also protectors for our children and we follow our kids with our eyes everywhere they go, we are essential when it comes to confidence building.


Dads inspire adventure and help to build confidence


Lily was so scared of snorkeling at first! Even though we snorkeled only in the shallows, she was so proud of her achievement in the end!

Dads observe what the kids do and they encourage them to climb that little bit higher or run that little bit faster. Dads encourage their kids to get back up and try again, not just by helping them up, but by helping them figure it out by themselves.


Dads help to prepare their kids for life in the real world!

The real world is a place where everything you do has a consequence. If you do bad things, there are consequences. If you work hard or smart, you will achieve things that you dream of and you will be rewarded for it.

Dads are more likely to tell their kids straight up as to what it is like out there and they are usually firmer then mothers when it comes to following the everyday house rules.


Dads help to build stronger family bonds!

Apart from breast-feeding, Dads can do pretty much everything that mums can. We get involved in parenting more and more, and we love it. 


Dads help to build stronger family bonds!


This wave of change in what dads do is not only beneficial for the children and relieves some pressures from the mums, but also helps to get dads closer to their kids. The more love in the house, the stronger the family relationships become.


Dads are more involved in parenting then people think. Whether we are the main providers or not, it really doesn’t matter. We are essential partners when it comes to parenting and our relationships with our kids add immense value when it comes to their upbringing.


- Andrzej Ejmont, Wanderlust Storytellers

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