5 Things You Can Do with Your Toddler on One Arm

Posted on 24 October 2017

So many people tell me: “Now that you have a toddler, you won’t have time for the fun things, right?”  Wrong! There is absolutely nothing that you cannot do with your baby on one arm. You can still do everything that you need to do and much more. You can cook, you can clean, you can go shopping and you can do many other everyday chores. Well, you really have no choice in the matter.

“But, what about the fun things?”  Well, let me tell you about the 5 things fun that you can do with your baby on one arm apart from the norm.



Run a business

I understand that some jobs require both hands and this will not apply to some dads. However, there a plenty of jobs that you can do using only one arm!


Andrzej & Avie Working


In my case, I can run my online business with our toddler on one arm with ease. Thankfully the technology is always going forwards and mobile phones are forever getting better and better. These days writing posts, emailing, photo and video taking, marketing, branding and social media advertising is so easy, that you can do it all using only few fingers.


Keep up with your hobbies

Every dad has their own unique hobby and some of us perhaps have a few. My favorite pass time is painting. And I am not talking about painting walls in the house, no that’s not that fun! I am talking about creating art.


Andrzej & Avie Painting


I have always loved painting! It is an expression of the soul like no other. You can loose yourself to no end and always create something extraordinary. These days, my little one helps out with my hobby. So I guess I can’t claim the creativity only for myself. Or can I?


Get loads of exercise

There are plenty of exercises that you can do with your little one hanging on your arm. And I am not talking about using your kid as a dumbbell for bicep curls or bench-pressing your child. I am talking about simpler exercises, like squatting, core-strengthening exercises or even hiking.  

I wonder, how many exercises you can think of that would be easy to do with your toddler on one arm?


Travel the world

Our main adventure in life is to travel with our kids. And being a dad to a 15-month-old requires a strong arm at all times. I cannot tell you how many stairs I have climbed around the world with Avie on one arm, or how many meals I have eaten one handed with my little one balancing on the other arm.


Andrzej & Avie in France


I can truly think of dozens of countries I held Avie on one arm, whether it was in Kyoto Japan, strolling around the Cherry Blossom gardens, hiking through the Indonesian rice fields, or checking out the French Alps. If you can think of a place that you want to go, then you can definitely go there with your toddler on one arm as well!


Build baby furniture like a pro!

There are always things to build around the house and being a dad, you are in charge of all of the construction work, right?  I love putting furniture together and creating something new for our kids. I got to say, Avie is a great helper. It took me a bit, but we both figured out that you can manage to put together kid’s tables, chairs and even a toy chest with a toddler on one arm. Yup, if I can do it, so can you!  Which furniture have you built using only one hand?


The point to this story is, don’t ever stop doing what you love, just because you have a toddler. I believe that your job as a dad is never to give up and never surrender! We, as parents, are the ultimate teachers and we have responsibility to be an example to our kids. Nothing is too hard in life. Especially things that you love doing. 

So pop your toddler on one arm, give those biceps the work out they need and share some fun things with your kids. Although they will probably not remember it when they grow up; but you will always cherish those moments for sure!


- Andrzej Ejmont, Wanderlust Storytellers

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