Real Dad Advice

We are dads.  We are dads who have been through the metamorphosis of a life without kids to one with kids and all the ups and downs that come along with it.  We have read other "advice" out there for dads.  Most of it simply pains us.  The generic click-bait that is ever present on the interwebs is downright annoying and misleading for new dads-to-be.  So we decided to put real actual advice on our site from dads to dads.  Actual experienced and opinionated fathers talking to other fathers.  One of our founders has 3 boys, two of them are identical twins.  The other founder has 2 beautiful girls.  Between them, they have experienced most situations leading up to the teenage years.  Their advice along with other fathers we hand picked will hopefully give you some real insight into what to expect and ideas on being the best you can be in this new life.

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