Sport Diaper Bag

The DadGear and DaisyGear Sport bag is perfect for parents who want a smaller bag with tons of organization.  It has 9 pockets and our quick access wipes window which fits most major brands of soft pack wipes.  This bag not only gives you great organization in a small package, it also looks amazing, and with many designs for the ladies, there is something for either parent.

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  –  Good small diaper bag

This bag is smaller than we originally thought, but that is because we ordered the sport versus the original by accident. That being said, it can accommodate everything we need for the baby without allowing me to throw too much in it. It has come in very handy and is not an all cumbersome to carry. We have been very happy with the purchase overall!  –   Liz & Tim - 05/16/2015

  –  Love the product

I ordered this bag for my oldest son. He is expecting his first baby after years of infertility. We are so excited for him. I wish this product was available when he was a baby. I would have loved it then too.  –   jody dulaney - 10/17/2014

  –  Sport Bag - Fantastic Craftsmanship

I like quality outdoor gear, so I convinced my wife that we were ordering this diaper bag instead of a giant, inefficient, overly feminine bag from Babies "R" Us. The bag is very well designed and well built. I am quite impressed. It is great that this is made in USA too!   –   Daniel Carlson - 08/03/2014

  –  Great bag, highly recommend DadGear!

Absolutely love my bag! It's practical, not too big and very durable. The quick access wipes are very handy! As a native Coloradan I'm proud to support a local company!  –   Kate - 02/14/2014

  –  Very useful and easily organized bag!

I had a much larger, more traditional diaper bag and decided to get something new for 2 reasons. 1) My original bag was SO big, I could never find anything. It was a never ending pit. 2) I didn't find the traditional shoulder strap convenient. I carry a messenger bag for my daily purse so I wanted something along the same lines that I could throw my phone and wallet in and still feel like I normally would with my purse. I use the phone pocket for small things like sunscreen and ibuprofen and it works perfectly. I also LOVE the side zip pocket for bottles. I've already recommended the bag to many people who were like me and don't want a diaper-y diaper bag. There is one thing I don't like. The material used for the shoulder strap is fairly smooth and silky which makes it slip and adjust on its own rather easily. I think if a thicker, slightly rougher material was used (my purse uses this type of strap), it would prevent the strap from accidentally lengthening. I understand that some would think this would make it hurt your shoulder, but with clothes, the thicker material isn't bothersome. Overall a GREAT bag!   –   Ashley - 10/01/2013