Courier Diaper Bag

DadGear's Courier is a messenger-style bag, although slightly smaller than DadGear's flagship Messenger Bag. The Courier has many of the Messenger's favorite features and is available in 5 classic solid colors. This bag is popular for parents looking for a simple, classic look and a diaper bag under $60.

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  –  Diaper bag

We love the backpack and features but it is a bit pricey.   –   Brooke - 01/20/2015

  –  Terrific Bag

My baby is three days old but I've already gotten a lot of use out of my bag. The organization for everything is outstanding. Far superior to my wife's designer bag which cost an obscene amount of money. You can fit a ton of stuff into the Dadgear bag. New dads:you have no idea how much stuff you need. Aside from the outstanding functionality, it looks good. I can toss it over my shoulder wearing sweats or when I'm dressed up for work. I highly recommend this bag.   –   Joshua - 09/17/2014

  –  Awesome

I love the bag it doesn't resemble anything like a diaper bag until you open it. It's great! And it's manly  –   Brandon - 05/21/2014

  –  Awesome diaper bag

My wife bought this for me being a first time dad. Its been a life safer, very well laid out and easy to get to everything I need in a hurry. Great product!  –   Neil - 05/02/2014

  –  Awesome Diaper Bag!

Great product, great looking, super functional! Only one issue, the lid on the wipes container won't stay shut!  –   Matthew Englebert - 12/18/2013

  –  Pretty happy

Overall I do like the bag I purchased from dadgear. The only complaint I have so far is with the shoulder strap. I wish that it had a swivel instead of being sewn directly to the bag. The strap sometimes get twisted up, and with a swivel it would be much easier dealing with it, instead of having to untangle it before putting it on.  –   Jeff - 10/24/2013


What's not to love. Plenty of space. Well designed. And YES it's made for a man! I get several compliments on it! Would refer this to any and every expecting dad or a dad that doesn't want to carry around his wife's diaper bag. ONE HAPPY CUSTOMER, Alex G.  –   Alex G. - 10/02/2013

  –  Too small, cumbersome to flip open

This bag is very attractive and stylish, but is pretty small and very cumbersome to flip open because the front flap side is so heavy it tips the whole bag over. I recently flew with my baby and this bag, and once I loaded in a handful of diapers, burp cloths, a spare emergency bottle, a light jacket, a couple teething toys and a backup outfit for baby, I could barely cram the thing closed. Wish I'd gotten the bigger backpack style instead. This small one is great for routine day-to-day trips around town, but that's it. Not very flexible.  –   Mary L. - 12/08/2012

  –  shown another couple our bag

We've already shown another couple the bag we bought-they are due to have their first baby a month after me! I'm hoping to get them a bag for their shower gift:)   –   Sarah H - 06/17/2011

  –  I like his better

I have to say…I got my husband one of these bags for his birthday. I have a froo froo bag I carry myself. At least I used to carry a froo froo bag. I like his better. It's our main diaper bag now.   –   Caryn B - 06/16/2011

  –  Nice, smaller bag

This bag doesn't have all of the bells and whistles that many of the larger bags have, but we wanted a smaller, simpler starter bag for shorter trips/outings, and this will certainly fit the bill. I really hated having an oversized bag with my older daughter for shorter trips. It was just huge and cumbersome and absolutely unnecessary. So, we knew we'd eventually want two bags, one for quick trips and another one from when we're doing major trips (like road trips, or flying out of town, etc.). This bag will be great for the day-to-day, shorter trips and errands. There's lots of pockets/storage, and we especially like the fact that it doesn't look like other typical diaper bags, and the bright color is awesome and fun. Once our twin daughters are bigger and we need to worry about packing more stuff (larger clothes, bottles, snacks, larger/more toys, etc.) we'll consider a bigger bag. However, for the first several months, this will work great. Part of why I chose this bag is that I'm interested in the larger backpack bag from this brand, so I figured getting the cheaper, smaller one might be a good way to see how we liked the durability and organization of this bag before investing in the more expensive bigger one. So far, we're please with this purchase.  –   LeiLani - 04/19/2011

  –  products are great

Your products are great. I buy one for for each of my friends who are new dads. I wish I had known about these options the first time I became a dad seven years ago.   –   Alexander L. - 04/03/2011

  –  great product

Every time someone has a baby, we feel this is an appropriate gift for the gentlement we work with. We think you have a great product and continue to spread the word.  –   Lynn W. - 03/11/2011

  –  Nice but heavy

My husband and I chose this diaper bag because it's not cutesy or girly, and he wouldn't feel silly carrying it. It's good quality and looks very easy to wipe clean (our baby's still 3 wks out). It's got nice space without being huge and a built-in, refillable wipes-holder. We did decide, though, that this would be his exclusive diaper bag, because even empty it's surprisingly heavy! My husband has no problem with the weight, and really likes it (it IS called "DadGear"), so I still recommend it, but filled up I think it could be a pain for new mothers to haul around.  –   Noelle - 02/16/2011

  –  Perfect for Daddy

I purchased this for my brother and he couldn't be happier. Good storage, easy to carry. I definitely recommend.  –   Kat - 01/20/2011

  –  Great bag for Dad

I really love this diaper bag which I initially bought to use as the only diaper bag for us when we go out. It's a great color (true to picture) and has some very nifty features, with the wipes case on the front being one of the handiest. It also has stroller clips which we use constantly and the 2 side pockets for bottles (we use them for sippy cups) are fantastic and have easy access from the exterior. The inside is super roomy and has plenty of pockets for organizing. I also like the zipped pocket on the front for quick and easy access and I didn't realize until recently but there are also two slim zippered pockets on the front panel on either side of the wipes. It's plenty big enough to fit everything we need for a full day out. I also have to say my husband likes carrying it since it looks just like a regular messenger bag. I do have to say though that I gave up carrying it around for little trips out during the day with my kid. It became too heavy and big for that use in addition to carrying a purse with it so I got a Skip Hop bag/purse to carry for myself when I'm alone and ditched the purse. We use this though on longer outings and when we're together. We've taken it on a very muddy trip and it wiped up really easily with a damp paper towel. I'd really recommend it for long outings and for your man to carry.   –   Judy L. - 12/02/2010

  –  Great bag

This bag was for my boyfriend because we decided we each wanted our own diaper bag. So far, we have been using only his, since we've been going everywhere together. Our son is now 10 days old, so the bag is still pretty new to us. However, it seems to be pretty great. Probably the best thing about it is that it really doesn't look like a diaper bag. It just looks like a typical messenger bag that a guy would take to work or something. It has plenty of room for the things we need, and I like the separate zippered compartments on each end for bottles, drinks, etc. I use them to bring a drink for myself.   –   Alison - 10/29/2010

  –  We like it, but its not perfect

This bag is plenty big and east to carry. However, the built in wipe container isn't sealed well enough for the wipes to stay wet in a low humidity environment. For the high price we paid for this bag I expected it to function as well as a $2 wipe box you can get at the grocery store.  –   John C. - 09/25/2010

  –  Great Bag for Everyone

I purchased this bag for myself after my wife bought a different "girly" diaper bag. We both loved it so much that she decided to steal this one from me and it is now the only one that we use. The bag is very functional and roomy, and the accesible wipe holder is great!   –   Chris - 08/11/2010

  –  absolutely rocks

Your product absolutely rocks. I tell every dad that is expecting to check it out. I will continue to promote for you as your product is that good.   –   Alex N. - 05/24/2010

  –  total bag

Iam a single dad and really find this diaper bag to not look like the typical diaper bag on the outside but on the inside has all the space and pockets needed for everything. It is so stylish. I get lots of comments when I am out with my son.  –   David B. - 04/26/2010

  –  sex neutral bag

This is a sex neutral bag for carrying baby's gear. It is very subtle and has lots of organizational features.   –   LFW - 04/21/2010

  –  good bag

First time parents. We like it. Lots of compartments and works well. We like the wipe thing and that is why we bought it. Not disappointed at all and no complaints.  –   D. Taylor - 11/27/2009

  –  A diaper bag for Daddy

My husband asked me to get a diaper bag that was gender neutral and that he would not be embarrassed to carry in public. I searched long and far for a daddy diaper bag that would be big enough to carry everything we needed for our everyday outings -- extra clothes for those diaper blowouts, diapers/wipes, toys, sippy cup/snacks, my wallet/phone/keys. While I like the look of this bag (we have it in blue), I find it a bit narrow. There are a bunch of pockets on the inside of the bag and while that is a good thing, once you put anything into the pockets there isn't much room in the main compartment. The measurements are comparable to a regular messenger bag. We will keep using it though since it makes daddy happy!  –   J.L. - 11/25/2009